There are many reasons why you may need to move your trampoline – to cut grass underneath the trampoline, because of a landscaping project or just because you want to move it to another location, to name a few. 

However, you just don’t move the trampoline because the thought of taking it apart stops you. There are a lot of parts to a trampoline so, not only will it take time to dismantle it, but putting it back again is also time-consuming. 

The good news is that you can move a trampoline short distance without having to take it apart. But for long distances, you will need to take it apart. With just a few accessories and a handful of tools, moving a trampoline can be done safely while keeping it together and intact.  

Moving a Trampoline for Short Distances

Before we talk about moving a trampoline long distance, which does require you to take it apart, let’s talk about moving trampolines a short distance. In many cases, it’s not necessary to dismantle the trampoline, but to move it safely there are two common methods – using trampoline wheels and lifting the trampoline. 

Moving it with trampoline wheels

You can use trampoline wheels to move your trampoline. Using wheels is a great option if you need to move the trampoline on a fairly regular basis, i.e. more than once per season.  

How to use Trampoline wheels by ACON

Acon trampoline wheels' height adjustment.

Trampoline wheels are pairs of wheels that can be attached to the trampoline to allow for the easy movement of short distances. Different manufacturers produce varying models. For example, some attach to the bottom of the frame, while others (like Acon's) are connected to the sides/legs of the frame. In a nutshell, shifting the launch pad to another location is much more enjoyable when you have wheels attached. 

Using ACON’s trampoline wheels is easy:

1. Attach the four wheels to the trampoline legs (side, not bottom)

2. Use the crank to lift the trampoline off the ground so the weight of the trampoline is transferred to the wheels.

3. Move the trampoline to its new location by rolling it along on the wheels.

4. Once in the right place, turn the crank in the opposite direction so it lowers it back down to the ground.

5. De-attach the wheels from the attachment system before jumping.

The parts of the Acon Trampoline Wheels separated.

ACON’s trampoline wheels are extremely sturdy and fixed to the legs (side) of the trampoline’s frame. Made from galvanized steel, they are corrosion and rust-resistant and are UV treated to protect them from the sun.  

A particular advantage of our wheels is that they can be cranked up or down easily. The wheels make it easy for one person to move a large trampoline on their own.

NOTE: Do not jump on the trampoline while the wheels are atttached! 

Lifting the trampoline

The most common way to move a trampoline is by lifting it but depending on the size of the trampoline as well as its shape, it’s not a job for one person. Although trampolines as small as ACON's mini trampoline can be lifted very easily by just one person, larger trampolines will need two to four people to lift them and move them safely.  

Two boys carrying a baby acon on a pier by a lake.

The bigger the trampoline, the heavier and more awkward it will be to move. Therefore, the people you ask to help move will need to be able to bear its weight for the short time it takes to move it. 

This method is ideal if moving the trampoline doesn’t take place very often. However, it’s important to make sure you lift it correctly. By that we mean: 

  • Assess how heavy it is and make sure you can lift that weight with other people.
  • Stand beside the trampoline, with your knees bent, back straight and relaxed.
  • Each person takes a grip on the trampoline, keeping their arms bent and close to their bodies.
  • When you lift the trampoline together, keep your back straight and engage your core muscles.
  • Straighten your knees and ensure everyone moves in the same direction.
  • Before you put the trampoline down, make sure you bend your knees and keep your back straight.

Your posture is important when lifting and moving heavy objects safely.

Moving a Trampoline for Long Distances

When we talk about moving a trampoline for long distances, it really depends on how far the distance is to determine whether you can move it on wheels, or if it needs to be dismantled before moving it. 

If you are moving it within your yard or grounds, then using wheels is a great way of moving it with ease, by yourself or with just one other person. However, if you are moving the trampoline off the premises to another location, it is much better and safer to dismantle the trampoline first. 

If you’re thinking about dragging the trampoline, rolling it or sliding it into a new position, don’t. Not only could it seriously damage the trampoline and make it unusable, but it is also dangerous for you.  

Disassembling Tips for Moving Trampolines

When moving a trampoline over long distances, or to a completely new location, like a new home, it’s always much better to dismantle it and re-assemble it when you’ve moved it.  

A trampoline assembly image from a manual.

How to dismantle your trampoline depends on the manufacturer. The first step is to get the assembly manual and follow the instructions in reverse, i.e. from the end to the beginning. So, taking down any accessories first, like a basketball net, followed by the safety net, then the padding around the edge of the trampoline, removing the mat and springs, and finally taking down the frame.  

Make it a family affair by involving everyone in the dismantling process, except small kids, of course.  

Disassembling Tips for Moving Trampolines

Do you need to break down a trampoline to move it? 
If moving the trampoline a short distance, you don’t need to break it down into smaller pieces. But if you’re moving the trampoline a longer distance, or are moving house, it is highly recommended the trampoline be completely dismantled before moving it. 

Can a trampoline be disassembled? 
Yes, a trampoline can be disassembled. Find the assembly manual and follow the instructions in reverse order. 

How do you move a trampoline on grass? 
The best way to move a trampoline on grass is to attach ACON’s trampoline wheels to the poles of the frame, use the crank to lift the trampoline and move it into place. 

How to use trampoline wheels?  
Attach the wheels to the sides of the trampoline frame legs. Make sure they are secure before using the crank to lift the trampoline off the ground. It is then easy to move around and into its new place.

Once you’ve successfully moved your trampoline to its new location, make sure you inspect it for damage. If there’s no sign of damage, give it a cleaning and get back to bouncing!