Trampolines for Kids

Looking for trampolines for kids for indoor or outdoor use? Acon trampolines are suitable from toddlers to adults, so no matter what age your kids are, we’ve got a model that fits their jumping ability. With our incredible bounce and super safety features, there’s an Acon for you. From better coordination, improved posture or just plain fun, the benefits of a trampoline for kids are unbeatable.

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What is the best trampoline for kids?
Kids trampolines should offer great performance and total safety. Consider trampolines that are purpose-built for both. Don’t forget the most important part! A great bounce that ensures fun leaping year after year. Acon trampolines use premium parts for a smooth, consistent bounce, which helps keep little leapers safe.
How do I know if my trampoline is for kids or adults?
Adult trampolines are suitable for kids, but kids’ trampolines are not for adults. Consider if the maker is primarily a kid’s toy company or a trampoline company. Premium trampoline manufacturers like ACON make smaller models that are perfect for kids and yet can be used by adults, too.
What is the safest trampoline for kids?
Safe trampoline jumping comes from a combination of smart, safe equipment and performance that gives its jumpers a consistent feel. Acon trampolines use safety padding, hidden springs, and Synergy Design, plus smart enclosures, to give leapers a steady bounce they can count on to keep themselves in control.
How many kids sleep on trampoline safely?
Acon trampolines have no single user weight limit for jumping. When it comes to activities that aren’t creating immense stretch on the springs (sitting/laying down) small groups of kids can evenly distribute across the trampoline surface for a fun and safe sleepover experience.
How old should kids be to have a trampoline?
Under the right supervision, kids of any age can be on a trampoline. Beginners should start at the center of the trampoline and should gradually use the force of their jump and the rebound of the mat to bounce. Getting used to a smooth, consistent bounce is key for trampolining safely.