ACON FIT 1,41 m Trampoline Hexagon with Handlebar, Black.
Springs of ACON FIT Trampoline.
Close up of ACON FIT Trampoline.
ACON FIT Handlebar.
Outdoor training on the ACON FIT trampoline.
Size of ACON FIT Trampoline, Hexagon.

ACON Fit 1,41m Hexagon Rebounder Black Fitness Trampoline with Handlebar



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The best trampoline company now offers the best trampoline for exercise.

Acon is taking the exercise trampoline to new heights so you can take your fitness routine to the next level. Build better balance. Boost your stamina. 

A stylish aluminum and steel structure is built to provide a quiet, dynamic rebounding action. Thanks to six sturdy legs, you’ll be stable even under the most intense training routines. Perfect for at-home exercises, this well-crafted trampoline boasts a small footprint that's perfect in any home gym.

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  • Diameter: max 113 cm, min 101 cm
  • Material: polypropylene


  • Bungee springs 48 pcs
  • Color: black
  • Length: 48cm straight (one spring in folded four times when the trampoline is assembled)


  • Trampoline size: Diameter 1,4m, height 0,35 m, width 1,22m
  • Handlebar size: Height 1,12 m, width 0,56 m

Package size

70 x 16 x 41 cm

Product weight

  • Trampoline: 14kg
  • Handlebar: 2,5kg


  • ACON FIT Trampoline Hexagon
  • ACON FIT Handlebar
  • Graphical instructions
  • 3 pcs of spare bungees

Weight limit

  • 130 kg for the trampoline
  • NOTE! Exercise handlebar is not designed to support your entire weight. It is to aid with balance and provide exercise versatility. 


10 years for the frame
2 years for the mat
2 years for the handlebar
1 year for the bungee springs
1 year for other parts

Other info

  • Plastic-free packaging can be re-used for storage
  • For indoor use only
  • The legs of the rebounder are not foldable
Sydney's video still image

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This trampoline was extremely stable and let me perform a wide variety of movements with all of the space it gave me. I was extremely comfortable the entire time.

- Josephine Nguyen, Verywell Fit product tester

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Elijah reveals his training routine with the Acon FIT rebounder. From maintaining peak fitness to boosting recovery and that razor-sharp focus, Elijah gives us a front-row seat to his FIT endeavor.