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What is a rebounder?
A rebounder, also known as a fitness trampoline, is a specially designed piece of equipment with greater resistance than a backyard trampoline. By using one, like the Acon FIT, for workouts, you can strengthen your core, legs and back. Plus, the aerobic exercise from a rebounder boosts your cardio performance.
How to use a rebounder?
Rebounders, like the Acon FIT, can be used in a variety of ways. Most common, they are included as a base for cross-training exercises and often in conjunction with workouts using weights or bands. Fitness trampolines are also very popular with yoga and Pilates enthusiasts.
What size rebounder should I get?
This depends on your workout style. Acon FIT rebounders come in 1.12m and 1.41m sizes. Our classic round is the smaller of the two models. For those who prefer a larger jumping/landing zone, the 1.41m hexagon offers plenty of surface area for the most vigorous routines.
What is a rebounder workout?
Any exercise that uses a fitness trampoline as part of its focus. Jumping on a rebounder gives an aerobic exercise, which boosts oxygen levels and improves cardiovascular health. Specially designed resistance improves strength in the core, legs and back. More fitness routines include using resistance bands and weights for a total-body workout.
How many calories do you burn on a rebounder?
Thanks to its full use of body motion, exercise on a trampoline actually burns slightly more calories than jogging. If the average person burns just over 100 calories running a 10-minute mile, you can expect a burn that reflects higher intensity training.
What is the difference between a rebounder and mini-trampoline?
Rebounders are in a category known as fitness trampolines. They differ from mini trampolines because they offer more resistance, which requires the body to exert more force for a jump. This is what helps to build muscle strength and improve balance for rebounder users.
How do I choose a fitness trampoline?
Choosing a fitness trampoline, or a rebounder, is about knowing your needs. Look for a manufacturer using quality materials and a focus on safety. Acon FIT trampolines are designed with a strong, sturdy frame and have non-slip grips for high intensity workouts. Available with and without handlebars in two sizes: 1.12m and 1.41m.
Why buy a fitness trampoline?
Fitness trampolines can help you develop your overall health in a safe way with benefits likes enhanced cardiovascular fitness, better coordination, and balance, as well as gaining more strength in your core, lower body and back. Enthusiasts of the Acon FIT enjoy the variety of workouts they can do – either at home or at the gym.
What resistance bands to use with a fitness trampoline?
Picking the right resistance bands to use with a fitness trampoline means looking at the quality of the materials and finding the right style. Acon FIT Resistance Bands offer you light, medium, or strong resistance. While the Acon FIT Resistance Band with Handles features an easy-to-hold grip.