Installing Your Acon Trampoline In Ground 

Any Acon trampoline made just for the backyard, beginning with our 10ft round trampoline all the way up to our revolutionary Acon X 17ft trampoline can be installed in-ground.  

Where to begin?

Check out our directional In Ground Installation Guidelines. This is your roadmap to getting things right. You’ll find our guide invaluable for a proper installation. It should also be shared with the contractor you select to help them get to know the particulars of Acon's engineering before they begin installation.

We strongly recommend finding a local installation service with previous experience setting up an in-ground trampoline. Following these guidelines, along with the support of a seasoned professional, will ensure a proper, long-lasting in-ground trampoline installation.

Cross-sectional view of a round trampoline's in-ground basis.

Why some families prefer an in-ground installation

Many families choose inground installation for asafe, more convenient, and visually pleasing trampoline experience. Discover some of the top benefits of installing an in-ground trampoline:

  • Easy Access: With inground installation, your child can effortlessly enter and exit the trampoline as it is at ground level.
  • Wind Resistance: If you live in a windy area, an inground trampoline offers superior wind resistance, keeping your trampoline secure.
  • Garden Integration: An inground trampoline seamlessly blends into your garden, enhancing your backyard's aesthetic appeal.
A round Acon trampoline installed in the ground. Surrounded by decorative wooden panels.

Did you know?

Any of our trampolines with a safety net can be installed in-ground, offering an extra layer of protection for families while maintaining an attractive backyard appearance. 

Some people choose to slightly elevate the jumping surface above the ground, and others like their trampoline padding/surface mat flush with the natural grade of their lawn. 

How an in the ground trampoline installation works

Of course, installing an inground trampoline requires a little more planning and effort before setting up. We've created simple guidelines to help steer you, and your contractor, to a smart, straightforward setup.

Consider if you’re going the DIY route or if you’ll use an inground trampoline installer. Finding a local professional who has experienced different trampoline sizes and shapes, not to mention backyard characteristics can be invaluable in ensuring that you get YOUR in-ground installation done right. 

It's most important to learn everything about how to install your in-ground trampoline before you get started. That way, when it comes time to do the work, you and your contractor will be fully prepared. 

Rectangular Acon 16 HD Trampoline's in-ground structure.


Q: Can I install my Acon Trampoline inground?  

A: Yes, of course you can install your Acon trampoline in the ground. However, Acon strongly recommends using professional help. No matter your route, ensure you consult the Acon guidelines first to verify that you can complete the required groundwork and manage water drainage. Like any project you want done well, it’s a matter of planning and determination. Every backyard is different in its soil type, slope of the yard, drainage ability and more. But with the proper planning, a trip to the local hardware store and the right attitude, you can install your Acon trampoline in the ground in your backyard for a visually pleasing aesthetic. But remember and recommended to ask for help from an inground trampoline installer!

Q: Is it better to put a trampoline in the ground?  

A: Choosing to install your trampoline above ground or in the ground is a matter of taste and personal preference. Just like choosing between a round or rectangular shaped trampoline, it’s all aboutfinding the right set-up for you. Families who prefer in-ground trampoline installations like the seamless way the trampoline mat surface and padding stays flush with the landscape. 

Q: Are in-ground trampolines safer?  

When comparing typical in-ground and above-ground trampolines, in-ground trampolines are generally considered safe. This primarily stems from their ground-level design. However, with a safety net installed, they are equally safe when jumping and playing. The benefit of the ground-level design is that it reduces the risk from fallouts when exiting the trampoline.

Q: Are inground trampolines less bouncy? 

A: Installing a trampoline in-ground reduces its bounce performance due to greater air resistance. Enhancing pit ventilation, either by using tubes or creating openings between the trampoline and the pit's edge, can slightly mitigate this issue. If bounce performance is your top priority, you might want to reconsider sinking the trampoline.

Please note that you can purchase the Acon Performance Mat for the Acon X 17ft trampoline. The Acon Performance Mat is specially designed to decrease air resistance, greatly improving the bounce performance. We strongly recommend upgrading to the Performance Mat for in-ground installations.

In conclusion

With the right plan and the right guide, you’ll have the confidence to install your Acon in-ground and create a safe and aesthetically pleasing trampoline setup in your backyard, providing hours of fun and exercise for the whole family. 

If you still have questions, please reach out to our Customer Support team who can assist you in ensuring you have all the knowledge you need!