A kid behind an Acon trampoline safety net

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Trampoline nets keep leapers safe

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Acon Air 16 Sport HD trampoline with enclosure on a beige background

16HD with Rectangular net

Acon Air 13 Sport HD trampoline with enclosure on a beige background

13HD with Rectangular net


Tailor made for our 13 and 16 foot models, these nets provide proven safety. Enter through a double layer mesh that prevents fall outs and sits inside the springs.


A classic design familiar to most at first glance. It fastens to the outer edge of the trampoline, maximizing a sense of space.

Premium round

A more modern look; The net hangs from the sturdy frame and attaches directly to v-links on the mat.

Round trampoline with Standard enclosure by ACON on a beige background

4.3m With Standard Round Net

Round trampoline with Premium enclosure by ACON on a beige background

4.3m With Premium Round Net


All of our trampolines are backed by the most rigorous safety measures and design to ensure every jump is secure. Which is why our signature, high-quality paddings stand out amongst the crowd. (that's right, thicker & softer). So you and your family can leap without worry.

Acon HD rectangular trampoline from bird’s eye view on a grey background. The black trampoline mat has ACON logo on it in white and the paddings are green
A close-up of the Acon trampoline frame welding and springs taken from the worm’s eye view


Our massively thick frame tubes are forged to ensure that they won’t bend or warp from any standard use -- and more importantly it stays in place, with no swaying or swinging while jumping. 
They’re made for life outdoors, and its strong base stands up to windy storms, with helpful anchors to ensure it’s staying put and not blowing away like others do. Forged from galvanized steel both inside and out and black powder coated, your trampoline isn’t going to rust, either. So you have a safe, strong foundation to jump on for generations.


To ensure our trampolines' endurance and safety, we make sure by both our in-house testing and outside vendors that our products meet and exceed the international safety standards. We make sure our springs stay rigid even after 1,5 million bounces, our frame can withstand the weight of an adult brown bear, and our safety enclosures can stand the bristle Nordic winds up to 20m/s.

Want to know more about our weight limits? Check out our in-depth explanation here.

A person jumping on a trampoline underwater

How to make your face go sideways

Acon Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline with net assembled on a beige background. The trampoline mat, frame and enclosure net are black and the padding for springs and poles are green

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Mother with four children sitting and smiling on Acon HD trampoline