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Play Soccer on Your Trampoline like Never Before! 

Acon X 17ft Trampoline 

Discover the world’s bounciest, sturdiest, most customizable trampoline ever built. 

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Cheerful woman sitting on an Acon 16 HD trampoline
Choosing the right trampoline

Curious to learn which model is right for you? Then check out our guide that will walk you through the most important questions to consider before you buy.

How big are trampoline boxes?
The size of trampoline boxes depends on the size of your trampoline. Most Acon trampolines are shipped in two boxes. Our largest are over 7 feet long and each weighs nearly 200 pounds. The average size of each box is around ~100 pounds and is about 5 feet by 5 feet by 2 feet.
What trampoline should I get?
Consider a few factors when buying a trampoline: How long has the company has been around? Are their customer reviews positive? But most importantly, does the trampoline deliver the best bounce? Not all trampolines are created equal. One can feel the difference when jumping on a premium trampoline like Acon.
What size and shape is best for us?
Two main factors: Desired use and yard size. The bigger the performance, the larger trampoline you want. For yard size, ensure there’s at least three feet of clearance from the edge of the trampoline on every side.
What trampoline would you recommend for small kids?
Trampolines give small kids a safe, fun space to enjoy the thrill of a leaping with a lift. Acon’s smallest and most kid-friendly model is the 6ft Baby Acon. The 10ft model is a fan favorite for parents of little leapers too.
What trampoline would you recommend for bigger kids/teens?
Acon trampolines come in a range of sizes to suit any family. For families with bigger kids or teens, it is recommended to choose a 14ft, 15ft or 16ft trampoline in order to give them plenty of space to leap.
Are trampolines safe?
Yes, trampolines are a safe, fun way for people of all ages to exercise. It’s important to choose a trampoline manufacturer that creates its products with safety in mind. Look for safety enclosures and padding. Trampoline jumpers should always follow the manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines.
Do you have to have a big yard for trampoline?
Trampolines do not require a big yard. Acon recommends at least three feet of space around the edge of the trampoline for safety purposes. Trampolines come in many sizes from as small as either 6ft or 10ft. The Acon 6ft trampoline can easily fit inside a house with a large basement or family room.
How many can be on the trampoline at the same time?
Although most Acon trampolines do not have single user weight limits, Acon safety guidelines recommend that only a single user jumps on the mat of a trampoline at a time when jumping. For non-jumping activities such as sleepovers or movie viewing multiple children are allowed on the trampoline mat.
What is the warranty for trampoline?
In general, most Acon trampolines feature warranties of 10 years for the frame. 5 years for the springs. 5 years for the jumping mat. 2 years for other mat components. 2 years for the safety pad. And, where applicable, 1 year for the anchors, ladder, and enclosure. An array of spare parts from Acon can also extend the life of your trampoline.
Can trampolines be in use during winter?
It depends on the manufacturer, and you should check their guidelines. Acon trampolines can be used in winter, and recommends ensuring that before any jumps are made, regardless of the season, the trampoline mat and safety padding is dry and free of any debris or snow.