What are trampoline socks?
Trampoline socks are socks designed to give jumpers grip while on the trampoline surface for better stability. With a rubberized pattern on the bottom, they provide better traction on the trampoline jumping mat than normal athletic socks.
What are best socks to wear on outdoor trampoline?
The best socks to wear on outdoor trampolines are specially made trampoline socks. While athletic socks are totally fine on a jumping surface, trampoline socks, provide extra traction that can prevent slips and give leapers a better “feel” for their trampoline’s bounce.
Why do I need socks on trampoline?
Socks help protect both the trampoline surface as well as give the jumper more traction, and thus more control, while leaping. As shoes are not to be used on trampolines as they’re more likely to damage the trampoline mat, quickly. Acon trampoline socks are a great layer of extra safety.
Is it safe to use socks on trampoline?
Yes! It’s not only safe to use socks on a trampoline, at Acon, we encourage it! Socks protect jumpers feet while they bounce. (and also can stop the spread of germs, too) And specially designed trampoline socks, give leapers even more traction while jumping.
What kind of sportswear should I use for trampolining?
Clothing that’s designed to move with you! When jumping, bodies bend and limbs stretch, so in general sportswear designed for outdoor games like basketball or running are great choices. Depending on your weather, long sleeves or pants may be preferred during cooler seasons. Also choose shirts and pants that aren’t too loose.