A product image of a single unit of the Acon Trampoline Wheels, pictured against a white background.
A focused image of Acon Trampoline Wheels engaged and ready to move.
A rectangular trampoline lifted up with Acon trampoline wheels.
A closeup of Acon trampoline wheel installed.
A pull apart image of an Acon Trampoline Wheels - their construction and components.
A product image comparison of Acon Trampoline Wheels, the left image Trampoline Wheels in its highest, lifted position and the right image is of the Trampoline Wheels is in its lowest position, against a white background.

ACON Trampoline Wheels


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Acon Trampoline Wheels give you more versatility in the placement of your equipment, and let you easily maneuver your trampoline around your yard when it’s time to move.

Whether you need to mow, do maintenance, need extra space in your yard or simply like to give your trampoline a new venue from time to time, Acon Trampoline Wheels are the surest and safest ways to move it with little muscle power. The package includes a set of four wheels, a handy assembly tool and step by step instruction manual.

Choose wheels for either a rectangular or round trampoline.

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A closeup picture of Acon Trampoline Wheel installed.

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Package size

71 x 30 x 13 cm

Product weight

* 7 kg/trampoline wheel


  • Trampoline wheels for Acon 12ft, 14ft, 15ft round trampolines: All trampolines with a leg tube diameter of Ø42 mm
  • Trampoline wheels for Acon 16 Sport HD and 13 Sport HD rectangle trampolines: All trampolines with a leg tube diameter of Ø60 mm




  •  4 pipe clamps for foot pipe
  • 4 trampoline lifting/moving wheels
  • Required installation tools
  • Assembly instructions (graphical)


  • Transfer wheel body and pipe clamp - Steel
  • Crank - Stainless steel
  • Crank handle - Plastic
  • Wheel - Plastic


2 years

Other info

  • Lifting height 250 mm
  • wheel diameter 200 mm
  • For moving the trampoline, 4 transfer wheels are recommended
How to use trampoline wheels?
When you order Trampoline Wheels from Acon, the wheel kit arrives in two boxes, with two wheels per box. Attaching the unit takes just minutes, as the four-wheel mounts are secured to your trampoline frame. Using the handy crank, the trampoline is raised, engaging the wheels so the trampoline can easily be transported. For mowing, shifting or just repositioning your trampoline, this is the accessory for you!
Why should I get trampoline wheels?
Trampoline Wheels make shifting your trampoline around your yard a breeze. Our wheel kit is an easy-to-attach accessory that helps you transport your trampoline for mowing or other purposes. Acon Trampoline Wheels have been engineered to become a part of your trampoline, staying securely in place until it’s time to move. Should you want to remove the wheels, disassembling the device takes just minutes.
What makes ACON trampoline wheels different from other similar products?
Just like other premium Acon products, our Trampoline Wheels have been engineered to deliver performance above all else. With an intuitive attachment that features a hand crank to raise/lower the trampoline wheels, shifting your trampoline is a snap. By simply turning the crank, you lower the wheels to the ground, then the trampoline raises up into a moveable position. Once the wheels are engaged you can quickly and easily move the trampoline anywhere in your yard.
Can trampoline wheels be left attached to the trampoline after moving it?
The wheels should be removed from the wheel holders after moving the trampoline to its place. When it’s time to move the trampoline again, the wheel units attach to the wheel holders in just minutes. Please note, you shouldn’t jump on the trampoline when the trampoline wheels are attached.
Do you provide a warranty for the trampoline wheels?
Yes, Acon Trampoline Wheels come with an industry-leading two-year warranty. They’re also forged from the same heavy-duty UV-resistant powder coated galvanized steel as our trampoline frames, and thus are designed to last year after year.