Rectangular trampolines with net - packages include 2 anchors. Round trampolines do not include anchors.

Ground Anchor
Ground Anchor

Ground Anchor


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Anchor your trampoline firmly to the ground with ACON Air Trampoline Anchors. For round and rectangular trampolines, we recommend the use of at least 2-4 anchors. For windy, open yards we recommend using 4 anchors. Installing the Anchors includes screwing the stakes into the ground and securing a strap around the trampoline leg frame and to the stake itself. 

The Ground Anchor includes 1 spiral stake and 1 strap. The anchors fit all of our round and rectangle models.


Anchor: 30,5 cm
Ratchet strap: 220 cm

Package size

43 x 13 x 19 cm


Fits all trampoline models


Anchor: Powder coated steel
Ratchet strap: Polyester


1 year

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