All ACON products have been made to stand the test of time. We provide premium quality products for our customers and are committed to sustainable product development.

Although our products are designed to last, giving your ACON trampoline the care it needs is an essential part of making sure you can jump to new heights safely time after time. Updating the trampoline with new parts is not only sustainable but also cost-effective way to upgrade the parts have seen their best days. Read more on trampoline costs in our blog post.

We hope you give love to your ACON as much as we do. Therefore, this guide has been written to help you take care of your trampoline in the right manner to ensure it’ll serve you years to come.

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And while you're at it, you may have a look on the trampoline spare parts available at our online store.

How to take care of ACON Trampoline Parts

To give your Acon the best care possible, it is good to learn more about the trampoline parts and what signs indicate when it’s time to give some care for your Acon. 

Various types of ACON trampoline springs

Trampoline Springs

Complementing the springs, the Synergy Design is at the core of what gives ACON the best bounce in the business. Synergy Design+ relies on locating the structure's critical leverage points and utilizing these to amplify the bounce created by the actual springs of the trampoline.

Made of galvanized spring steel, the springs are designed to last. And, as with everything, the quality and performance the trampoline springs give has evolved over the years. Currently, there are three types of ACON trampoline springs available:

  • HD Premium Springs: updated springs for 13 and 16 HD sport trampolines
  • Air-Springs: used in all new line-up trampolines

While all of them are top quality and made from galvanized spring steel, the Air-Springs released in 2021 are on top of their game with better performance and better corrosion resistance. However, Acon’s spring development is far from over. Follow our story to stay in the game!

What wears the springs slowly out is the weight that stretches them. Therefore, the weight of the jumpers and the frequency of the trampoline being used influence the springs. Also, leaving any heavy objects or possible snow loads may cause stretching. You can lengthen the lifespan of the springs by changing their placement on a regular basis.

There is no exact time when you should consider getting replacement springs. The first signs of the need for replacement are when you (or your kids) notice that “something is not right” or that “the bounce seems a bit different from last year”.

When inspecting the trampoline springs, give extra attention to coils. A stretched spring can be identified by the look or by touching and bending it. If the spring feels loose and is easy to bend, it should be replaced. Also, any signs of rust indicate that it is time for ordering new trampoline springs to replace the rusted ones.

Note that we provide 5-year warranty for the springs unless they are placed incorrectly (e.g., in a crossed manner). Placing the springs in a crossed manner stretches the trampoline springs faster by speeding up the damage and rusting as it removes the galvanisation from the springs.

  ACON trampoline mat for round and rectangular trampolines

Trampoline Mat

The first signs of wear and tear usually occur on the mat. No wonder – the more you enjoy the thrills of jumping, the more wear the mat is to show over the years.

We have put extra time and effort to create trampoline mats of high quality. Made from polypropylene, our mats are always cross sewn and UV-treated, making the mat less prone to any snags and rips.

However, things do happen even for the best of us and sometimes there is a need to give some love to the trampoline mat. If you notice any issues on the mat, you have two options: repairing or replacing the old mat.

We aim for sustainability with everything we produce. Choose the method for fixing the mat based on the severity of the damage.

Consider the trampoline mat repair kit, if:

  • The hole or rip in the mat is no more than 2 inches in length
  • The mat is otherwise in good shape

Opt for ordering a new mat, if:

  • There are multiple rips or snags on the mat
  • The mat has severe damage

Replacing the mat when required is an effortless and inexpensive way to upgrade your Acon and make it look like a new one.

 A close-up image of ACON trampoline's galvanized frame and its welds

Trampoline Frame

The frame is the most durable part of the trampoline. Made from galvanized steel, the frame is unlikely to show the signs of rust or other damage for several years after purchasing the trampoline from us. Protect the frame by installing it on an even surface such as lawn or sand. Refrain from installing the trampoline over any hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

When looking for any signs of damage on the frame:

  • Have a general look on the frame
  • Check the welds with detail
  • Pay extra attention to the fasteners of the enclosure poles

If you notice any issues with the frame, do not hesitate to contact the customer support for any questions or inquiries. We provide a solid 10-year warranty on our trampoline frames.

  Trampoline enclosure net in various shapes and types for ACON trampolines

Trampoline Enclosure Net

The enclosure net tends to be the first safety-related accessory families look for when considering purchasing a trampoline for the whole family. Indeed, the enclosure and its net are there for added safety so that even the biggest of leaps do not end up somewhere where they should not end up in. ACON highly recommends utilizing an enclosure net with any trampoline activities.

Besides the UV treated enclosure net, the enclosure package includes poles made of galvanized steel as well as safety paddings and brackets for poles. The look of the enclosure and the number of poles vary depending on the size and shape of the trampoline. As an added safety feature, the No Finger Access –design ensures that the small fingers cannot get caught in the net. Please find the enclosure package for round and rectangular trampolines behind the links.

When having the quarterly check on your ACON, check always for possible rips, tears, holes, or snags on the net. Minor ones do not cause any safety concerns but if there are several or severe rips, you should consider getting it replaced. Due to the UV treated surface there should not be any issues regarding the UV rays wearing out the enclosure net. While giving the net the trampoline care it needs, inspect also for any damages on the poles, paddings, and brackets.

Note that the net should be replaced every 3 years for safety purposes. In case you notice any issues on the enclosure before that, please do not hesitate to contact customer service as we provide 1 year warranty on our enclosures.

 Safety pads for ACON trampolines

Trampoline Safety Pad

The thick and easy-to-assemble safety pad is a necessary accessory that protects feet or any other part of the body hitting the trampoline springs in case the landing does not hit the correct spot.

The safety pad consists of two parts:

  1. foam which is surrounded by
  2. UV treated, water resistant PVC that makes it extremely durable for year-round use.

When checking for any wear on the safety pad, inspect the bungees made for fastening the safety pad securely as these tend to get the most wear. If you notice any significant wear on them, it is highly suggested to replace them with new ones to not take any compromises on safety.

 Droplets of water on an ACON weather cover. Image is a close-up and the brand logo is visible in white

Trampoline Weather Cover

ACON weather cover is an easy, effective, and time-efficient to step up your trampoline care routine. The cover protects the trampoline mat from the UV so that the mat stays impeccable for years. Additionally, the cover keeps the mat clean from twigs, leaves and bird droppings – simply disassemble the cover in just 1 minute and start jumping. Made from UV treated and resistant materials, the cover is unlikely to need any replacements unless mistreated.

 Trampoline tent

Other Trampoline Accessories

Is your ACON trampoline the jewel of the backyard? Then you perhaps have already some of our cool or necessary accessories such as the trampoline tent, trampoline scooter, basketball hoop or the ladders. While these may be utilized less frequently, it is a good practice to include them as a part of the trampoline care. If you need extra guidance on how to take care of your ACON accessories, send us a message.


Check your trampoline once every season

The most efficient way for executing the maintenance is to inspect it once every season, the Spring and Winter maintenance being the most essential ones. In case the trampoline is dirty, it should be cleaned by following these instructions:

  1. Wipe the frame tubes, safety padding and enclosure pole sleeves with mild detergent
  2. Clean the detergent residue from those parts
  3. Remove the debris with a broom from the mat
  4. Use garden hose and cold water to wash the mat
  5. Let the trampoline mat dry before jumping

Make sure that your ACON is like brand new year after year and season after season.

NOTE: Clean the mat always with a brush – snow shovels and other tools with sharp edges may to damage the surface.

 Trampoline in a Nordic winter view

Trampoline Care in Winter

When it comes to the Winter care, you have three options:

1. Full disassembly

ACON trampolines are designed for year-round use. However, if you want to prolong the lifecycle of your ACON as much as possible, then disassembling it in full is the best choice. While it is not mandatory by any means, you may do so to avoid the hassle and minimize the risk of having to order any trampoline replacement parts in years. Please refer to the assembling guide and start backwards when disassembling.

2. Partial disassembly

If you tend to have heavy rains or snow flurries during the Winter (or the weather seems to be a bit too cold when it comes to jumping for your liking), you may want to consider partial disassembling. In case you want to protect the trampoline from any damage, disassemble following parts and store them for Winter:

  • The safety pad
  • The trampoline mat
  • The trampoline springs
  • The enclosure net
  • The poles supporting the net

Regardless of whether you opted for a partial or full disassembly, store the parts in a dry place where they do not get lost. Any soft parts such as the safety pad should be stored in the room temperature to refrain from moisture.

As you are in close touch with the trampoline parts during the disassembling process, look through the parts carefully and write down the parts that need TLC or replacement. Be one step ahead of others and order any required ACON trampoline replacement parts before the Spring comes so that you are ready for the next season.

3. Leaving it as it is

Since ACON can be used 365 days in a year, you may just opt for leaving the trampoline to your backyard as it is or maybe getting the ACON weather cover for it. This option suits especially those customers that live in warmer climate.

Customers living in snowy areas may also choose to leave the trampoline package outside. In that case, it is essential to remember to clear the snow from the mat and enclosure regularly and immediately as the snow has set on the mat. Three or more inches of snow is to stretch the springs and mat which loosens the coils while having a negative effect on the bounce.

 Trampoline at spring time with leaves and flowers of the tree on the left corner

Trampoline Care in Spring

The Spring is the time to take the trampoline out and get back to jumping. While getting on an ACON after a long Winter is truly an exciting moment, try to contain your excitement for what it takes to check the trampoline in a thorough manner.

The Spring care may vary depending on how you left the trampoline in the Winter. Nevertheless, all parts should be inspected. Here is the checklist for the Spring Trampoline check:

  • Always start with the frame. Is there a need to move the trampoline to a better place in your backyard? It is always easier to move the frame rather than the whole trampoline with enclosure and other accessories attached, although that can be done safely as well. Note that moving the frame (or the whole trampoline) requires two people.

    Inspect the joints and bolts for tightness. Are there any signs of rust or deterioration in the welds? Although unlikely, if the trampoline frame presents any noticeable issues, such as bent, broken or missing parts, contact ACON customer care for further advice.

  • Continue with attaching the springs between the frame and the mat. Utilize the spring pull tool to make the assembly quick and easy. Look for any missing parts and replace the damaged, loosen or rusted springs with new ones.

    This step is extremely important in case you forgot to check all springs while disassembling the trampoline or you left the it as it is for the Winter.

  • Evaluate the condition of the trampoline mat. Evaluating the condition of the mat is easier once assembled. Does it have any punctures, holes, rips, tears or loose stitching? Can it be fixed with the repair kit or is a new mat a better option? Check the mat for any sagging that may occur in case heavy objects or snow was left on top of it during the Winter.

  • Inspect the condition of the safety pad. If reassembling, place the pad first over the springs and frame. The condition of the pad is quick to evaluate as any holes or rips would be visible on it but pay extra attention to the bungees for fastening the safety pad as these get strained over time.

  • Look for rips and holes on the enclosure net. Additionally, pay extra attention on the secure and correct attachment of the enclosure net and the poles.

  • Check the condition of any trampoline accessories you may have. These include, but are not limited to ladders, skirts, tents, scooters. And once you’re done, it is time to enjoy the bounce and seek for new adventures with your ACON.

 Round trampoline with enclosure net at summer in a garden

Trampoline Care in Summer

Summer is the season of holidays, trampoline tricks and barbecue parties. The most usage usually occurs during Summer, so general checkups here and there are recommended depending on how well the Spring Check was done.

Depending on your location as well as the placement of the trampoline, consider following things:

  • Cleaning up the trampoline from any items not belonging to it. Debris, tree branches or other sharp items might cause safety risks and rips or holes on the mat.

  • Heat control by changing the placement of the trampoline on the backyard. Our trampolines may stand the heat, but the little thrill seekers might not.

  • Severe windy weather conditions. In severe wind, any trampolines can be blown away. The trampoline should be installed with ACON anchor set, However, if you live in an area where severe wind or hurricanes are to occur, either disassemble or secure the trampoline to the ground with ropes and stakes as tightly and securely as possible.

  • The placement of the safety pad. Make sure to do occasional checks regarding the secure and proper attachment of the safety pad to the frame.

If you notice something is wrong, you should abstain from using the trampoline once the issue has been fixed.

 Fall leaves on a trampoline weather cover. Image is a close-up and the brand logo is visible in white.

Trampoline Care in Fall

The extent of the trampoline care depends on the climate you live. You may want to consider the ACON weather cover for extra care as it keeps the trampoline mat free from any dirt.

Note that a wet trampoline mat is extremely slippery and thus should be dried out before jumping. If you have any trampoline accessories such as the trampoline tent that many love to set up for Fall nights, you may give a closer look on it before setting it up. Otherwise, you are good to go!

 Family on a backyard trampoline

Teach your kids about trampoline care

We hope that ACON brings joy to everyone in the family. When you get your new ACON trampoline delivered to your door, it is in a brand new, impeccable condition. Although our trampolines are sturdy, some trampoline parts may present damage later especially if the little ones have brought items that should not be a part of any trampoline activities, on it. Educating your children on the safety is at the core of trampoline care.

However, the responsibility on the trampoline care and maintenance is always on the adult. Assembling and disassembling should be done at least by two persons, one of which should be an adult. Take seriously any concerns your little ones may notice and educate all thrill seekers in your family to look for possible issues that might occur and address them immediately. Thorough and regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the safety and fun for decades to come.


Sustainability at the core of trampoline care

Every ACON trampoline is an investment for family fun and healthier tomorrow. We always aim for improving on the longevity of our products by constant research and development on trampoline parts so that you have less trampoline care and maintenance to do and more time for enjoying the best bounces. After all, it only makes sense to take care on the investment you have made. Our aim is to extend the joy for years and even for decades to come. And once it is time to part with your loyal ACON trampoline, note that 99,5% of the trampoline materials can be recycled.


Contact Customer Care

This extensive guide should help you find your way in trampoline care, but if we missed something out or you have a question in mind, please contact customer support at Note that our spare part catalogue extends beyond what we offer online. To help us a bit, let us know the model you have, the purchase date as well as the part or parts you are looking for.

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