Types of trampoline gadgets and toys

There are a range of gadgets that aid the longevity of your trampoline. While ACON trampolines can withstand any weather, some trampoline gadgets are useful to have in any situation.

So, these four gadgets are essential:

  • A weather cover
  • A spring pull tool
  • A trampoline mat repair kit
  • Trampoline anchors

The best way to jazz up your trampolining fun is to incorporate toys for trampoline. So, add these three to your list:

  • A basketball hoop
  • A crash mat
  • A trampoline tent

The best ACON toys for trampoline

From the range of gadgets and toys for trampoline, some are more useful and fun than others. So, here’s our top five gadgets and toys for trampoline you’ll love.

Weather Cover

A simple yet very effective way to prolong the life of your trampoline is to cover it with a weather cover. Lightweight and easy to manage, ACON’s weather cover is ideal to protect your trampoline from all the weather elements, such as the sun’s UV rays, rain and debris.

The weather cover simply attaches to your trampoline with stainless steel hooks and its built-in SmartDrain system ensures any rainwater flows through a central drainage hole. Choose the right size for your trampoline and start protecting it when it’s not in use.

Detail about Acon trampoline weather cover

A spring pull tool

This tool is a no-brainer to have. In fact, it is such a useful trampoline gadget that we even include it with each trampoline we send in order to make the assembling process a breeze. Using the tool keeps your fingers safe from snags when installing the springs on your trampoline.

However, things get lost, and thus, we made sure you can get the tool on our website. The spring pull tool can be used to assemble trampoline springs to any trampoline, not just ACON ones.

Trampoline spring pull tool

A trampoline mat repair kit

While trampoline mats are usually made of durable materials, you never know. Therefore, it is a great idea to have a trampoline mat repair kit available at home – just in case. 

Trampoline mat repair kit

Trampoline Anchors

If you live in an area prone to strong winds and storms, trampoline anchors are essential to keep your trampoline secure. Getting this inexpensive item will give you peace of mind. Read more about how to easily secure a trampoline here and buy easy-to-install anchors here

Trampoline anchors

Basketball Hoop

One of the best ways to enhance any trampoline experience is to add a basketball hoop. The hoop is designed to be enjoyed in the backyard both alone and together with family or friends.

It comes with a sturdy backboard that will stand up to consistent use, and a padded, flexible patent-pending RealSafe Rim to ensure a safe yet thrilling trampolining experience for the whole family.

At ACON, we offer two basketball hoop models; one for round trampolines and one for rectangular trampolines. Included in the package is all you need to make installation easy. You’ll be enjoying high flying playing and shooting in no time at all.

Trampoline basketball hoop

Small Crash Mat

A crash mat is probably a bit of an unexpected trampoline gadget but let us explain. ACON trampolines (especially the rectangular ones) are well-known among the trampoline tricking community. Knowing that, we wanted to make something that will benefit those who practice challenging tricks.

The small crash mat for trampolines is designed to give a cushy landing for your tricks. You may use the mat either for spotting or, if you are practicing with your friends, throwing it under the one who’s performing the trick in case the landing doesn’t seem to go as smoothly as planned. And, although the small crash mat has been designed especially for trampoline tricking, it can also be used for other types of tricking and for gymnastics too.

A detail about Acon small crash mat


An accessory that is proving extremely popular with families and our ACON community is our trampoline tent. In a matter of minutes, it can turn your trampoline into a truly unique and fun entertainment space.

The trampoline tent ensures daytime fun turns into evening relaxation and leisure time with family and friends. In fact, a trampoline tent is the perfect choice for a sleepover. With a few sleeping bags, pillows and blankets, as well as a few flashlights and bottled drinks, you have a ready to go sleepover!

Acon trampoline tent

Why should I get gadgets or toys for trampoline?

For anyone looking to boost their trampolining experience, adding an extra twist of fun and dimension for exercise, you won’t go wrong with our most popular gadgets and toys for trampolines.

Our ACON gadgets ensure prolonged use of your trampoline by protecting it when it’s not in use. They also add an extra layer of safety that is all important when trampolining.

ACON’s toys for trampoline allow kids of all ages to have a go at tricks, jumps and twists, as well as add an extra challenging layer to training for basketball tricks! And, in case you or your kids have lost their initial spark for jumping on a trampoline, the trampoline gadgets and toys may just be the thing needed for reigniting that spark back.

Enhance the ACON experience with trampoline toys

Trampolining today is so much more than just jumping up and down on a huge bouncy mat. With added toys for trampoline, such as basketball hoops and crash mats, plus weather covers and tents for fantastic sleepovers, you’ve got the next few months sorted.

So, take that trampoline out, invest in some gadgets and toys and start having plenty of fun-filled, family-oriented outings in your own backyard!