We all love a sleepover, don’t we? Especially kids! Did you know that you can have the best sleepovers with the help of a trampoline?

A trampoline sleepover is a great idea for any occasion, for nybody, from young kids and teenagers to much older ‘kids’ (yes, we mean adults!). It could be for the coolest slumber party, a themed sleepover, a baby shower or backyard camping. You can adapt it any way you wish, add decorations, include a little competition, watch the stars at night but more than anything else, you and your sleepover guests can have the most fun-packed time.

Or, are you struggling with finding new ways to have family fun? Having a sleepover on a trampoline is an exciting way to spend time together as a family. From planning to cleaning up the trampoline, encourage your kids to be part of each step of the trampoline sleepover and create meaningful memories.

Trampoline sleepover – what you’ll need

When planning a trampoline sleepover, as well as the trampoline itself, there are five essentials that are good to consider in order to have the best time:

  • Bedding – everyone remembers their sleeping bags but there are some other essential bedding items you’ll need, such as pillows and blankets, just in case it gets a little chilly. It’s also a good idea to add a few cushions.
  • Flashlights – it gets dark at night! Make sure you have several flashlights handy. Don’t forget to check they are working before the sleepover and replace batteries if they are a little dull. Head torches are very useful, particularly if kids and teens want to read or if it gets very dark; plus they leave your hands free to eat, drink and play games – imagine playing charades with only one hand!
  • Bug net and/or spray – remember, you are sleeping outside as there are plenty of little bugs that fly around at night. You don’t want to get bitten and neither do your guests.
  • Drinks – it’s a good idea to have a few bottles of water with you; all that food, fun and laughter can be thirsty work!
  • Trampoline tent – as a kid you might have thought nothing of sleeping outside at night without a tent but as a teen or an adult, no way! Not only does a trampoline tent protect you and your guests from the weather – getting wet from rain is not part of the plan! – it also stops any unwanted moths or other bugs from bothering you are trying to sleep.

Safety always must be top of the list when planning your sleepover. Make sure there are no sharp items anywhere near the trampoline mat and avoid using knives, forks or anything else that may damage the mat.

When jumping or during any other physical activity, make sure the mat is completely clear of any of the above items. Not only could they go flying when you start bouncing, they could end up hitting someone and causing an injury. Uninstall trampoline tent before jumping.

The following morning, remove everything from the night before and leave the mat completely clean and clear for whoever uses it next.

Kid reading in flashlight

As we’ve mentioned above, adding a tent for your trampoline sleepover is a great idea; at some times of the year it is an essential item! For example, if you’re organizing a spooky Halloween sleepover, the weather can throw anything at you at the end of October. Create a cozy den knowing that the wind and rain can’t touch you, and they protect you from the sun on long, carefree summer days.

Acon has trampoline tents that fit all Acon round trampolines with diameters of 12ft, 14ft or 15ft. They attach to the edge of the trampoline, are easy to put up and take down, and offer a really snug area for playing games, sitting together with friends and chatting, a themed sleepover as well as relaxing after a busy day bouncing!

Kids love camping and what better way to create the magic of camping out than adding a tent on the trampoline. Acon’s tents have windows that allow daylight to enter, ventilation flaps to keep the air fresh and clean, as well as a zip up doorway for the ultimate protection and privacy.

Acon trampoline tent

Acon Trampoline Tent

Trampoline sleepover ideas for kids

If you’re planning a trampoline sleepover for your kids and their friends but are a little short on ideas, let’s give you a helping hand.

  • Get crafting – so, they’ve had great fun bouncing all afternoon but what about the evening? Kids love making things so why not theme the sleepover doing arts and crafts. It could be painting (make sure there are plenty of sheets on the trampoline mat first to catch drops of paint!) or how about making paper friendship bracelets? In case there is a need to cut something with scissors or knives, it should always be done out of the trampoline.
  • Board games – these are always great fund and there are so many to choose from.
  • Glow in the dark – have fun with glow in the dark sticks or Frisbees. Why not have a go at making glow bubbles, it’s magical!
  • Cake decorating – make a batch of cupcakes and then let kids decorate with a variety of cake toppings, glitter and not forgetting the cream!
  • Singing contest – you never know, you could discover the next star!

Trampoline sleepover ideas for teens

Teens love a trampoline sleepover just as much as their younger siblings so, here are some ideas for their sleepover.

  • Watch a movie – watching a scary movie at night is a special treat for teens but if they don’t go for a scary movie, make it a comedy and get everyone laughing. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • DIY Photobooth – this can be really fun! Get them making their own costumes, props and masks and take selfies or one of the parents can act as photographer. Encourage them to act out a script to make it even more fun.
  • Karaoke – always a popular activity; you can either hire a karaoke set up or print some lyric sheets and make it DIY at home.
  • Go glam – fashion is always a pull for teens, whether its sparkly nails, face masks, braided hair or temporary tattoos.
  • Play games – another activity that’s always popular is playing ‘grown up’ games, from board and card games to charades and spin the bottle.

Trampoline sleepover ideas for family

even more magical and fun when it’s a trampoline sleepover. Here are some ideas for you to try.

  • Star watching – step outside the trampoline tent or open up the tent doorway and watch the stars in the sky. See if you can spot the shooting stars or the Big Dipper. Spring and autumn are the best times of the year when the moon is at its brightest.
  • Spice up hot chocolate – there’s nothing more comforting that a delicious, warming mug of hot chocolate under a tent but what can make it even more tempting is adding in flavorings – mint, orange or ginger – topping it with cream and candy twinkles.
  • Team board games – always good for fun and laughter (as long as no-one takes winning too seriously!). Get the Monopoly board out!
  • Watch a family movie – there are so many family fun movies to choose from, it’s a great way to get settled in lots of fluffy, warm cushions, wrapped in blankets and relax.
  • Play cards – it doesn’t matter if it’s Snap! or Blindman’s Bluff, card game is always a great way of spending family time together.
Little girl throwing a ball in to the Acon Trampoline Basketball hoop

Attach a trampoline basketball hoop to play!

Looking for a great activity to play during your trampoline sleepover? Adding a basketball hoop and practicing various basketball shots is great fun! See who can get the most baskets in 30 seconds or try getting baskets from a variety of angles.

As with any activity, make sure you have removed everything off the trampoline mat (including any decorations!) and remember safety first – only one person at a time can jump on the trampoline.

Trampoline sleepover ideas for couples

Who said you needed more than two for a great trampoline sleepover? Not us! Here are some ideas.

  • Special dinner – celebrating a special occasion is even better when there’s just the two of you snuggled under a trampoline tent, and a dinner for two.
  • Watch a movie – it’s always in the top five things to do and, as it’s just the two of you, make it a rom-com or go the whole way and boost the romance!
  • Marshmallow delight – ok, so you can’t do the campfire but you can do a fondue for dipping marshmallows. Chocolate is a must but why not add a dash of orange, mint or another flavoring?
  • Watch a sunset – or sunrise! There’s nothing more romantic, more magical than watching the sun go down, or watch it come up in the morning.
  • Lip sync to your favorite songs – pick your favorite songs and lip sync; don’t forget the dance moves! Why not record your efforts on video and select the winner?
Charcoal decorated trampoline mat

Trampoline sleepover decorations

Any trampoline sleepover can be themed – birthdays, Halloween, anniversaries, baby showers – you name it, you decorate it.

Add bunting to brighten up the party; you can either buy bunting but why not make it more fun and personal by making your own? Flower garlands not only add beauty but can also give you a wonderful scent – nothing better for a Valentine’s Day or romantic birthday sleepover. Blow up balloons, adorn with twinkling fairy or party lights, and if you’re going for a Halloween theme, dress the tent with spooky masks and don’t forget the carved pumpkins!

Decorating for a trampoline sleepover is also a great way to spend quality family time. Encourage creativity in children by letting them decorate it themselves or decorate the trampoline together with your kids!

Trampoline sleepover safety

Trampoline sleepovers really can be the best fun for everyone but we must always keep safety a priority.

When sleeping on the trampoline mat, everyone must sleep with their feet towards the middle, i.e. sleeping feet-to-feet, to ensure that their weight is evenly spread across the mat. This also stops anyone from rolling into each other as they sleep. Make sure there are no items with sharp edges anywhere near the trampoline to avoid any damage to the mat and always remove all items from the trampoline, including decorations, when jumping.

At ACON, we have a wide range of rectangular and round trampolines with or without enclosures in different sizes, as well as trampoline tents for round trampolines, to suit everyone’s requirements.