Kids, young and old, love trampolining. It’s a great activity the whole family can get involved with and have fun. When you add a trampoline tent, the fun just gets even better. It fits neatly and securely, transforming it into a home-away-from-home. With windows on the sides that add ventilation, there is shade from the sun, wind and rain. What could be better than gathering friends and family together, dressing up as ghosts, witches and wizards, and having a spook-tastic Halloween in your trampoline tent!

Big enough for everyone to join in

Brush away the cobwebs, drag out the sleeping bags, scatter a few cushions around, get the torches working, and you’ve got the perfect environment for a fun-filled, spooky Halloween night. There’s ample space to relax and have fun playing Halloween-styled games under one of ACON’s trampoline tents. Kids love just to sit and play card games, having a party or group get-togethers and adding a cover over the top creates a great den.

The tents are ideal for round trampolines and sit on top, fitting snugly around the edges. It is secured with brackets whilst flexible poles keep the tent upright and sturdy, even if it is windy. The zipped entrance ensures inside is nice and cozy. For a 4.3 m space, a maximum of 7 or 8 people will fit comfortably.

A peaceful night’s sleep

A favorite with kids, particularly teenagers, is using a trampoline tent for sleepovers, and the mat is certainly more comfortable than the hard ground. Being padded, there is no need for an additional mattress, but you may want to place a protective blanket or sheet underneath. Then wrap up in your sleeping bag, but you might need an extra cover or duvet if you’re camping out on Halloween night as it could get cold.

Sleeping outdoors can be very calming, unless owls hooting gets you spooked, of course! Many find the softness of the mat and the gentle rocking movement relaxing, comforting and helps them fall asleep. When spending the night under a trampoline tent, make sure everyone sleeps feet-to-feet, with their feet towards the middle to ensure an even spread of weight and stops everyone from rolling into each other.

It protects you from the weather elements, including rain showers, while the screened entrance door and windows, which offer plenty of ventilation, keep out any flying insects and bugs. It also provides a high level of privacy and seclusion, although there are no curtains on the windows so parents can quietly check on children. That said, many parents may want to join in the fun and take part in sleepovers, too.

Easy to fit and remove

Any safety net or enclosure will need to be removed first before fitting your durable ACON trampoline tent. Before you purchase your tent from ACON, make sure you buy the right size from the three size options available - 3,7 m, 4,0 m and 4,3 m – and they weigh from 6,5 to 7 kgs. They have been designed for simple, quick and easy installation and shouldn’t take more than half an hour to fit.

It all comes with flexible poles and brackets, neatly packed in a handy, reusable storage bag for when it is not in use. Once set up, it reaches an optimum height of about 1,4 m.

A key advantage is that the poles can remain in place when you want to remove it. All you need to do is unfold the tent from the poles, store it away until you want to use it again, then you just fold it back over the poles.

ACON Trampoline tent

Get creative and maximize the uses of your trampoline by fitting a handy tent on top, perfect for creating a kids’ den, a bouncy play area, teenager sleepovers, family fun time and a great camping trip without having to leave home!

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