Trampolining is great fun and a fantastic way to get fit and healthy. But if you really want to get all the benefits from your routine and impress your friends, learning how to do a backflip is just the ticket.

You don’t have to be a gymnast, acrobat or exceptionally athletic, but before you start practicing a backflip, make sure your trampoline is large enough. A small single-person bouncer that fits into a back room or tiny backyard won’t give you enough space and you may end up injuring yourself. So, if you’ve got a big enough trampoline with trampoline enclosure and you’re confident, let’s get flipping.

Master the front flip first

Flipping backwards is not for the faint-hearted; it’s not an easy movement to master. So, before you start, learn the front flip first which is easier. You may want to get gymnastics mat or our Airtrack to practice front and back somersaults, but this is optional. Make sure your basic jumps are high enough before learning how to do any kind of flips on a trampoline.

When you start jumping, make sure you are in the middle with your arms up straight. When you are ready and jumping high enough, lean forward into a front somersault. The rotation should start from your upper body. In the air, keep your knees apart in case you land sitting. This way you won’t hit your face. Always bend your knees as you land on your feet. Once you get the hang of the forward flip, you can move on to flipping over backwards.

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Steps to learning how to do a backfilp

There are several elements to learning how to do a backflip: the height of your jump, positioning, landing safely, confidence, patience and practice. So, if you’re ready, let’s take you through the steps to mastering the art of flipping backwards.

Step 1

As with any exercise routine, always warm up your muscles first. Get jumping first, preferably on a trampoline you have been using for a while as not all of them feel the same. You are going to need strong muscles to perform a backflip, particularly your core stomach muscles.  Once you have got the feel of bouncing to a good height and are comfortable, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Step 2

Ready to learn how to do a backflip? Position yourself in the center of the trampoline to give yourself as much room as possible in case you ‘travel’ up or down while somersaulting backwards. Start jumping to get enough height for the backflip.

Step 3

Once you have reached the height and feel confident to execute the trick, put your hands up and your head in a neutral position. Lift your hips and knees to the direction that the rotation is to be done.

Step 4

When you’ve reached as high as you can comfortably go with your jump, look up at the sky and throw your arms up. At the same time, slowly move your head, shoulders and body behind you. Either tuck your legs into your chest or swing them to complete the rotation.

Once in the air, tuck your knees while keeping them apart. Bounce from your knees and land safely on the mat and … you’ve done your first flip backwards!

Step 5

Once you have mastered the trick with knees tucked in, it is time to learn how to do the backflip without tucking. Push forward with your knees and lift your hips. Keep the legs straight until the midpoint.

Remember to keep your head in a neutral position throughout the trick. We suggest watching our tutorial before attempting the trick.

Backflip tutorial - placeholder image

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How to do a backflip - top tips & other tricks

Don’t be too bold; the smaller you start, the easier it will be to master it. Always start from the middle of the trampoline to give yourself as much room as possible. Never practice any tricks, mainly going over backwards, unless you have someone with you and preferably someone who knows how to do a backflip to guide you. Don’t try to prevent a fall by putting your arms out; you may injure yourself in the process. Try to fall into a frog position or onto your back if you lose your balance. Lastly, keep practicing; you’ll get it in the end.

Besides the classic front and backflip, the possibilities are endless when it comes to learning tricks on ACON trampoline. Watch our tutorials on Halfturn, Rolls, Cody and many more tricks on our YouTube Channel.

At ACON, we supply various trampoline sizes, particularly those suitable for mastering the backflip. If you are into gymnastics or have the desire to learn tricks and jumps on the ground, you may be interested in learning more about the variety of Airtracks and additional gymnastics equipment for kids and adults that we provide.