One of the biggest dilemmas people have when choosing a trampoline is to find out which trampoline sizes are the best ones for our yard and our family. The greater the choice you have, it can feel like the harder the decision.

Choosing the right trampoline size depends on a number of factors, including what it’s going to be used for, who’s going to be using it and where it will be situated. Then there’s the height of the trampoline plus the enclosure, which is always needed when children are bouncing.

We’ve put together this handy guide to trampoline sizes to help you choose the right size of trampoline that will last you a lifetime. Read through or skip to what applies to you:

It’s time to find the most suitable Acon for life just for you.

Why trampoline sizes matter

We regularly get asked the question, ”Can’t I just choose a trampoline size that fits my garden/backyard?” Technically, you could but that doesn’t mean you’ve chosen the right size in terms of how the trampoline will be used, who’s going to be using it, and doesn’t take into consideration the height or the safety aspects.

At ACON, we have a long-standing philosophy that one trampoline should last you for decades. Our ACON for Life mantra is locked into the way we design our trampolines. We make sure that the one you choose will not only be used for a long time, but be with you for a lifetime – although we do admit that you may need to replace parts sometimes if they become worn or damaged.

Trampoline sizes for kids

When looking at trampoline sizes for kids, all shapes and sizes are safe for kids to use, even the smallest of children. However, it is an absolute must to add a trampoline enclosure for safety, particularly if smaller kids will be jumping.

Our most popular model for kids, particularly those just starting out in their trampolining journey, is our beginner-friendly ACON Air 2022 10ft trampoline which comes with a standard enclosure for safety and a ladder. Overall, round models are suitable for beginners (which most kids are) as they direct the jumper to jump in the middle of the trampoline.

Acon Air 10ft/3m trampoline package and it's scale measurements

Don’t forget to measure not only the height of the trampoline but also add on the height of the enclosure. Check where you will be putting the trampoline and make sure there are no trees or other obstacles that may be in the way.

Trampoline sizes for teens

When it comes to choosing a trampoline size for teenagers, it really does come down to what they want to do on the trampoline. If they are looking to just enjoy bouncing with friends and family, our 12ft trampoline or 14ft trampoline are great options depending on the size of the yard.

However, if they want to do tricks and more advanced jumps, they will need enough space with premium bounce experience that our trampolines offer. The mat size is also something to consider in case the teens are interested in add-ons, such as basketball hoops and trampoline scooters.

At ACON, our options for teens are our bigger round trampolines measuring 14ft and 15ft providing more space for jumps, leaps and even tricks. For a bit extra room for tricks or for more advanced jumps, opt for our most popular rectangular models 13 Sport HD and 16 Sport HD that provide an even bounce due to their shape.

Trampoline in the backyard in a summer landscape, jumper doing a trick

Trampoline sizes and types for tricks

Although most ACON trampolines provide sufficient bounce for vaulting and practicing tricks, our two best-selling trampolines, which are loved by the tricking community worldwide, are our flagship models 16 Sport HD and the smaller version, 13 Sport HD. These trampolines are now also available for pre-order with our brand-new Performance Piano Wires. These springs will take you to new heights while letting you experience the softest of bounces in the market. A top choice for tricksters and gymnasts!

Our rectangular models provide more even bounce compared to our round trampolines. In other words, the bounce is similar no matter where you jump on the mat. Which size you choose depends on the size of your garden or backyard, and your preference. They are great for tricks, flips and tumbling, as well as being the perfect trampoline for gymnasts and vaulters.

Trampoline sizes for adults and family

By default, all our trampolines are designed for family fun, thus the trampoline sizes for adults and for family use are similar to those you would choose for kids and teens in that it depends on the intended usage.

In our experience, families tend to choose the bigger 14ft and 15ft trampolines, like our flagship 16 Sport HD, since parents tend to prefer larger trampoline sizes for themselves. The larger models also grow together with the kids so that the launch pad is big enough for tricks and more advanced jumps once they grow up.

Backyard trampoline sizes

For people who are looking for trampoline sizes for their backyard, rather than a larger garden, the size of your backyard is essential.

Here are our recommendations for trampoline sizes in various yards:

Yard Size Trampoline sizes (round) Trampoline sizes (rectangular)
Small yard 6ft model & 10ft model
Medium yard 12ft model 13 Sport HD
Big yard 14ft & 15ft model 16 Sport HD

The shape of the trampoline has an impact. If you have a square shaped backyard, you will need a rectangular trampoline; a backyard with rounded corners will better suit a round trampoline.

Before you make a purchase, take the measurements of the trampoline of your choice and add an additional 3ft (1m). This is because you must have at least this distance around the entire trampoline for safety.

Whilst you’re measuring your backyard and garden to determine which trampoline size you should choose, don’t forget to measure the height, including the enclosure. Also, when evaluating the space for the trampoline, kindly note that there should not be anything under the trampoline as that could precede a safety risk.

Trampolines for indoors

If you’re looking for a bouncer for indoor use, our ACON FIT trampolines in round and hexagon shapes are ideal. When it comes to our regular trampolines, the Baby ACON is the best choice to be used indoors.

Regardless of which indoor trampoline you opt for, make sure you have plenty of free space around you and enough height before you start jumping.

Woman on fit-trampoline in living room

Travel size trampolines

Whether you are a regular traveler or a trickster wanting to shoot videos of your latest tricks in a stunning location, our Baby ACON is the perfect choice to take with you. Its compact size belies one of the best bounces in trampolines.

It features our new X-Series springs, as do all our trampolines, and our patented Synergy Design. We’ve added a high-quality padding that is thick and soft and is fully UV protected. The Baby ACON is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to take with you just about anywhere.

If you are a professional, amateur or up-and-coming trickster, keep your eyes open for something exciting coming in the very near future!

Cost considerations when choosing your trampoline

Just a few points to remember when choosing trampoline sizes:

  • The bigger the trampoline, the more it will cost.
  • Size isn’t the main factor when considering the cost – quality is.
  • The shape influences the price – rectangular is more expensive than round as it requires more materials to produce it.
  • The price of trampolines is directly related to the quality of the materials, rigorous testing and other aspects rather than the trampoline size alone.

So, remember that the price should be just one of the factors you consider. If interested in learning more, read more about the trampoline cost in our blog post.

Tip: if you are not sure which to select between two sizes, choose the bigger size; you’ll be less likely to regret this choice.

Trampoline sizes available at ACON

At ACON, we have a variety of trampoline sizes to suit everybody’s needs, gardens and backyards. So, whether you want a trampoline for family use, a solid platform for your kids and teens to practice tricks, flips, vaults or use accessories, like a basketball hoop, a baby ACON that you can use indoors or take with you when traveling, we’ve got the right one for you.

Our handy table below will help you determine the right size for your backyard or garden and if you’re not sure which to choose, go big!

44in (3,6ft) model round indoor N/A Fitness
55in (4,6ft) model hexagon indoor N/A Fitness, yogis
6ft model round Indoor & outdoor small Kids, teens, tricksters
10ft model round outdoor small Kids
12ft model round outdoor medium Kids, teens
13ft model rectangle outdoor medium Teens, adults, families, tricksters, gymnasts, parkour
14ft model round outdoor large Teens, adults, families
15ft model round outdoor large Teens, adults, families
16ft model rectangle outdoor large Teens, adults, families, tricksters, gymnasts, parkour

At ACON, we have a wide range of rectangular and round trampolines, with accompanying enclosures in different sizes, to suit everyone’s requirements.

If you are still unsure about which trampoline sizes and types are the best options for you, our customer service is delighted to help with any questions concerning the sizes and types.


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