We know it, you know it: the ACON trampolines are pretty pricey. It’s no secret that an ACON trampoline cost quite a bit more than any regular trampolines of the same size. In fact, they are among the most expensive trampolines in the market right now.

It’s no coincidence either, but actually a conscious choice we’ve made early on.

Ever since the ACON trampolines saw daylight in the 1990s, we’ve wanted to provide kids and families with enduring experiences that are not only fabulously fun, but above all, safe. That’s the greatest motivator behind everything we do.

So, if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of choices and how much high-quality trampolines like ACON cost compared to their cheaper counterparts, you may be wondering…

Are they REALLY worth it?

That’s a fair question, especially if you’re planning to buy a trampoline. And that’s why we wanted to take you on a little tour and show you what our trampoline prices consist of and why our products are so well-loved around the world.

In this article, we’re going to look at what you should know before deciding which trampoline to buy:

Now, it's time to learn how much is a trampoline and what are the average costs of trampolines. Let’s jump right in!

What is the average cost of a trampoline?

Usually, outdoor trampolines cost anywhere between €200 – €4,000, and there are a number of things that affect the price. How much you pay for your trampoline depends not only on its size and shape (whether it’s round, oval or rectangular), but also its overall features, materials used, and the availability of accessories and spare parts.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when figuring out which model suits your needs best and what you’re ready to pay for:

  • Who would be using it – adults and kids alike? If you’re planning to buy a trampoline for your kids, how old are they? How much space do you have in your backyard for it? All these aspects are bound to affect the size and the shape of which trampoline to choose.
  • What kinds of safety features and other protective equipment do you want with your trampoline? An enclosure, a safety pad, ladders?
A smiling girl jumping on an Acon trampoline with safety net
Basketball hoop's ball on trampoline mat
  • What will it be used for? Mostly for family fun or also for workout and gymnastics type of activities? If you want some extra accessories like basketball hoops or tents to go with your trampoline, they will add to the price.
  • How long do you envision your trampoline should last? A couple of years… or at least ten years? Premium trampolines tend to last longer than budget trampolines, making them a better investment in the long run.

Overall, the most common-sized trampolines of 4,3-4,6m in diameter cost around €280–€380 on average. As for the larger circular trampolines, they usually cost more than the smaller ones, around €800 or more, while the average price of the square or rectangle models is roughly between €750–€1400.

For ACON trampolines, the price range varies approximately from €280 to €2,500 between the smallest models and the biggest rectangular trampoline sets.

What lies behind these figures? Let’s walk through some of our unique features and why they cost more, and also what we do slightly differently compared to other trampoline manufacturers out there.

The “secret ingredients” behind the perfect bounce

But… there’s no such thing as “perfect”, is there?

Actually, when it comes to bounces, we like to believe there is. Over the course of time we’ve learned that “perfect” is personal – it means very different things to different people.

For kids it’s about jumping for joy and excitement. For parents, it’s first and foremost about safety and the peace of mind that comes with it. For someone who wants to do advanced tricks, it’s about flying high and yet landing safely.

And for us, it’s all about doing our very best to grant these wishes across the board.

Trampoline jumper's feet when landed, mat and springs stretched

As every bouncer is different, we want to give them a chance to create their own perfect experience.

One of the characteristics we cherish in the design and development work is the adjustability of our trampolines so that they give something different to all kinds of users.

For example, an outdoor trampoline can serve as an endless source of entertainment for the whole family. With the versatile lineup of accessories – like basketball hoops and tents – families can enjoy entirely new kinds of activities and games that add to the fun.

Then there are certain models (like Acon Air 16 Sport HD and Acon Air 13 Sport HD) that are ideal for those who seek maximum jump performance to practice flips, stunts and vaults. These models are now equipped with our new performance piano wire springs, which give even higher bounces and yet a softer feel overall, making it the perfect choice for tricksters, gymnasts, and performers.

Acon Air 13 Sport HD even lets you decide what you want from your perfect bounce: it allows you to set up the springs in two different ways to adjust the feel of the bounce, just the way you like it.

13HD trampoline springs' setups: one-way and two-way

Ensuring unique experiences like these requires materials that cost more but also last much longer than materials used in low-cost trampolines.

In fact, the biggest secret behind the exceptional bounce comes down to these three indispensable components and how seamlessly they complement each other:

  • We use large and tight safety net enclosures, and our thick safety pads give better protection to feet or any other part of the body when jumping.
  • Our galvanized steel springs and the mat technology enable better and softer bounces together with our stable frames.
  • Our frames (also made from galvanized steel to prevent rusting) are sturdy enough to last heavy use (even up to 1,650 pounds) and they come with a 10-year warranty.
Round Acon trampoline parts separated: safety net, padding, mat, springs, frame

However, it’s not just the features and the technical details that count; we also need to know that they work and how they actually work, already during the design phase.

The best trampoline checklist – and why we obsess about it

Whenever there’s a new ACON product getting ready to be launched, we tend to go into a slightly overprotective parental mode.

We want to make sure that our two key areas, design and quality, work like a charm together – and charm their new owners, too (and literally sweep them off their feet). We verify, check and inspect every imaginable aspect related to our products, asking questions like…

  • “Is it safe to use?”
  • “Does it look and feel nice?”
  • “Is the structure ideal for amplifying the bounce?”
  • “Does it provide a soft landing?”
  • “Does the overall design complement the materials so that it reaches its full potential?”
  • “Did we choose the best possible springs and mat to go with this particular frame?”
  • “Have our customers tested it? Did they love it? Have we taken in all their feedback?”
  • “Can it withstand heavy use?”
  • “When left outside, how well will it survive harsh weather?”

Of course, this is just a little fraction of all the items on our checklists, but you get the idea.

And once we’re satisfied with the answers… There's only one thing left to do.

To verify, check and inspect them one more time.

Yes, it’s a bit much, it takes quite some time and a lot of resources, but when it comes to safety and the overall user experience, we’d much rather be overprotective than uncaring.

The point is, we want to rest assured our trampolines behave impeccably and have no quality flaws when they eventually leave home. And if for any reason our customers are not pleased, we never just shrug it off and hope it’s nothing serious or deliberately forget all about it. There’s an entire quality department ready to fix any unwanted issues right away.

The one costly but crucial thing we do with all our products

Like said, before we find our products fit enough to leave the nest and come to you, there’s an excessive round of tests they must pass. Each of our models is test-driven for millions of bounces (over 1.5 million, to be precise) in varying circumstances and subjected to all kinds of ordeals.

One of these trials is particularly vital: it’s costly but crucial, and we do it with all our products.

“We break everything we develop, often many times to truly understand how reliable our products are,” reports the R&D Director of ACON (needless to say perhaps, but it breaks our hearts a little, too). “If it breaks too easily, we go back to the drawing board.”

A weight testing ball on Acon trampoline mat

Naturally, this may invite the question if it’s the most sustainable mode of operation. Wouldn’t it cost less to make them if we didn’t break them? Well, maybe in the short run it would.

But that would also inevitably mean a much shorter lifespan, and getting a new trampoline every few years is not very cost effective, let alone ecofriendly.

As our starting point at ACON is always to create products that last longer than lifetime, we need to know how much they can actually handle and that they are indeed free of defects. The process of breaking them is also an invaluable lesson for us on how to develop and create even better products for our customers.

Our precious creations have to go through an excess of fuss and control, that’s true, but for us that’s the best way – and frankly, the only way – to make sure we’re living up to our quality promises to you.

Conclusion: Are you paying way too much for your trampoline?

This was a quick overview of what you need to know about trampoline costs, why they matter and whether ACON trampolines are really worth their price.

As for the average costs of trampolines, it’s good to remember that the difference in price between ACON trampolines and their cheaper counterparts is not merely a question of how big the trampoline is or what shape it is.

First of all, all our trampolines are safety certified and have both the CE certification and the ASTM International Certification, and they are not granted lightly. We go all out to measure up to these standards in building the best and the safest trampolines in the world.

ASTM and CE Certification marks.

It also boils down to drawing from years of expertise and using top materials made for year-round use, which allow us to create products that meet the needs of all kinds of bouncers. Our relentless testing, the extensive network of retailers (so that getting spare parts is not a problem), and the ability to provide extended warranties all vouch for how wholeheartedly we stand by our products and believe that you will love them too.

For instance, when you buy an ACON trampoline, you get a 10-year warranty for the frame and a 5-year-warranty for the mat. Once you and your trampoline reach that 10-year anniversary, you may begin to wonder if your ACON trampoline will ever break.

And when it’s finally time to part ways with it, you’ll find consolation in knowing that our trampolines are 99.5% recyclable.

In the end, how you pick a trampoline and how much you should actually spend on a trampoline depends first and foremost on what your top buying criteria are. If safety, longevity and the overall performance rank high on your list, then ACON is for you. ACON trampolines are made of durable, high-quality materials that cost more at first, but over time you also get more value for your money.

The ACON trampoline prices reflect our devotion to make the best trampolines in the world and make sure they always meet the highest safety standards. That’s our number one priority – which also paves the way for the best possible user experience.

Whenever you’re spending time on an ACON trampoline, we want it to be as delightful and safe an experience as possible and that you can enjoy it for many years ahead.

Buying a long-lasting trampoline may feel like a significant investment, but it’s an immensely rewarding one, too. ACON is so much more than just a nice package of great components or just a great platform for spectacular bounces. It brings your whole family together for spending fabulously fun times and creating lasting memories.

Even though we take our jobs very seriously, our biggest reward is all about happiness and joy: seeing the thrill, the delight and the slightly surprised, exhilarated looks when people finally take their first step on our trampolines…

Well, that’s just priceless and makes all our efforts worthwhile.