This article goes through what to look for when searching for the safest trampoline and how to use your trampoline safely. You can also download a buyer’s guide to help you find the safest trampoline at the end of this blog post.

ACON has been developing safe trampolines for over 25 years, so throughout the article we’ll reference what the most recent safety features are in our trampolines. This safety guide works for any trampoline out there – not only ours.

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The Summary: How to Find and Use the Safest Trampoline

Trampolining is a fun and challenging hobby for kids and adults of
all ages. Trampoline safety has increased over the years as new safety
features and designs have been implemented.

The three main aspects of trampoline safety are:

  • Predictability
  • Usage
  • Safety features

In other words: the trampoline does what you think it will
(predictability) when the jumpers follow the safe jumping guidelines
(usage). And in case something unexpected still happens, the trampoline
has modern safety features to keep you safe.

When looking for the safest trampoline, look for products from reputable companies with long histories of research and development. Make sure that the trampoline is made of high-quality materials, comes with easy-to-understand instructions and has long-lasting parts with the option of ordering spare parts.

Below is one of ACON’s safest trampolines – ACON Air Sport HD 16 with
the premium enclosure – with the most relevant safety features marked
on the image. All our trampolines are CE and ASTM certified.

Details of Acon 13 HD trampoline
  • No finger access net
  • Safety skirt over the springs (only in 13 Sport HD)
  • Tear-resistance polypropene mat
  • No fall-out door
  • Safety foam padded poles
  • Sturdy, galvanized steel frame
  • Thick, wide and soft safety paddings

What situations are trampoline safety features designed for?

Let’s be honest. If you want to be absolutely, 100% sure that you avoid all risks related to trampolines, the only way around it is not getting on one.

But that’s not what trampolines are for. That’s not what life is for.

A girl on a round trampoline with her parents

Luckily, with the right trampoline, you can have both: the thrill of the bounce and the peace of mind that everything has been designed for safety. The trampoline is meant to be an exciting, wholesome and even challenging experience.

That’s why the best trampoline manufacturers have been developing their trampoline safety for decades – together with parents and kids. Thinking about safety and what it takes to feel safe, so that you don’t
have to.

That said, understanding why accidents happen is important when deciding on what the safest trampoline is for your family. And understanding why it’s a good idea to set rules for safe trampoline use.

Unpredictable bounce: The fundamental trampoline safety feature is predictability. It’s easier to stay safe when you can
trust your trampoline. High-quality materials and design ensure that your bounce stays the same – bounce after bounce and year after year.

Exceeding current skill level: No one decides to land a trick awkwardly. But if the jumper is going for tricks too far
out of their comfort zone, the risk is there. That’s why safety features, like enclosures and safety pads, are of utmost importance.

Malfunctions and bad ideas: If you have a bad feeling about it, trust your gut. If there’s a tear in the mat or rust in the springs, it’s a good idea to fix them. The same goes for using the trampoline in a way it’s not meant to be used. “I have a bad feeling about this” is nature’s way of telling you to think again.

Now that you know the safety considerations, we can focus on how you can find the safest trampoline.

A boy jumps on a Acon 16 Sport HD trampoline with net

How to find the safest trampoline

If you’re on the lookout for the safest possible trampoline for yourself or loved ones, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Is the frame heavy enough?

With medium to large-sized trampolines, a good rule of thumb is that no one person should be able to lift the trampoline easily. Once assembled, the ACON Air 16 Sport HD weighs over 540 lbs (nearly 250 kg). A sturdy
frame keeps the trampoline steady.

Is it valuable enough?

While the cost of the trampoline
is not a guarantee of a hiqh-quality product, it’s a good starting point. Cheap trampolines are cheap for a reason. The 12-feet ACON trampolines start from around $1,000 (enclosure included). The ACON flagship model costs around $3,000.

Are the safety features custom-made for the model?

When possible, you should always get the full trampoline package from the same manufacturer – safety enclosure included. Reputable manufacturers design and test the full package. Third-party safety features may not work perfectly together with all trampolines.

Is it easy to get replacement parts?

A great trampoline is one you’ll use for years to come. If the manufacturer offers an easy way to order spare parts, you shouldn’t think it’s a sign that their trampolines break easily. Rather, replacing worn-down parts keeps the trampoline safe and functional – with a fraction of the cost of getting a new one.

ACON trampolines come with a 10-year warranty for the frame and a year warranty for the mat. It’s always a good idea to compare the warranties when looking for the safest trampoline.

Predictability: building the safest trampoline from the ground up

A well-designed trampoline built from high-quality materials is safe now and after several years of continuous use. Predictability is important for jumpers and manufacturers alike. Before you buy, you can get a feeling for the predictability of a trampoline by looking at these factors:

  • Certifications
  • Materials
  • Tests

ACON trampolines have both the CE certification and the ASTM International Certification. Following objective, third-party guidelines ensures that the products are built to standard.

ASTM International Standards Worldwide and CE logos

A trampoline is subjected to forces much larger than most other types of backyard equipment. Durable materials
and expertly welded seams are a must. ACON trampoline frames are built from powder-coated galvanized steel. The relatively high weight of the frame keeps the trampoline in place.

Rigorous safety-testing makes sure that your trampoline stays safe. In our own research and development facilities,
we safety-test our trampolines up to 1,650 pounds (750 kg) and up to 1.5 million bounces.

Usage: how to use a trampoline safely

Besides predictability, using the trampoline according to the instructions (and common sense) is one of the key components of trampoline safety.

Great manufacturers view trampoline usage as a partnership between the makers and the users. We’ve been developing our trampolines together with parents and kids for more than two decades. ACON trampolines come with easy-to-understand assembly instructions and a safety card with tips for safe use.

A girl handstanding a trampoline, fellow leaning to the safety net and watching

These tips are applicable to most trampolines out there. Always follow instructions for your trampoline model.

1. Follow the Assembly Instructions

Follow the instructions that come with your trampoline. ACON trampolines also come with video instructions.

  • Always install on a level surface
  • Best surfaces are firm but not hard (lawn or sand). Use a rubber mat underneath the frame if installing on concrete.
  • Don’t install on slippery surfaces (wet wood, for example) so that the frame won’t bend over time. Use a rubber mat instead.
  • Make sure that there’s enough space (at least 3ft) on all sides of the trampoline.

And finally: make sure there are no extra parts left after you’re done with the assembly. All the parts in the ACON packages are meant to be used.

2. Check That Everything Works

Before letting the kids on the trampoline, it’s a good idea to do a few test jumps yourself. Check that everything works as planned and that there’s nothing extra on or around the trampoline.

We recommend doing a more thorough safety check once every season.

3. Only One Jumps at a Time

This is both the most important rule and – unfortunately – the easiest one to break: Only one jumps at a time.

Most trampolines can withstand the weight of more than one person, but it’s the unpredictability of the bounce that makes the difference. It’s easier to hurt yourself or others when there’s more than one person

4. Build Your Skills

The trampoline is a great way to improve your fitness and coordination. But no one’s a gymnast without practice. Always build towards more difficult tricks and jumps by mastering the steps before them.

ACON trampolines come with a manual for learning the basic tricks first.

How to do Basic Jumps - Video tutorial placeholder

Watch the video

5. Watch Your Footwear

Trampoline socks exist for a reason. They offer a good amount of grip without sticking to the trampoline mat like bare feet. Shoes are not recommended footwear for a trampoline. The order of preferable footwear is:

6. Clear the Space

Make sure that there’s nothing extra on or under the trampoline. Some accessories are meant to be used on a trampoline (such as trampoline scooters) but anything with sharp edges or poles should be left out.

7. Agree on the Rules

Rules = safety. Agree on the basic trampolining rules with your kids (and follow the rules yourself, too!) and you all can focus on the positive.

A safety printout comes with all ACON trampolines. You can go through it with the kids and attach it to the frame for (possible) revisits.

The safest trampoline has the best safety features

Finally, we come to the safety features. Safety enclosures, safety pads, the mat… But like we’ve seen, everything in a great trampoline is a safety feature.

Here’s what to look for in modern trampoline safety features.

Always Use a Safety Enclosure

A safety enclosure, or a safety net is the most important safety feature. It stops jumpers from falling over the edge of the trampoline if a jump goes wrong.

Here’s how to recognize a great safety enclosure:

  • The enclosure is high enough (in the ACON Air 16 Sport HD it’s 7.5 feet tall (228 cm).
  • The enclosure is designed for that specific model
  • The poles are padded
  • The material of the net is tightly-woven so that fingers don’t fit through
  • The manufacturer offers spare parts for the enclosure (the recommendation is to change the safety net every 3 years).
  • The door doesn’t have zippers on the inside
  • The material is UV-treated to protect it from the sun and the elements
Detail of Premium trampoline enclosure

Round ACON trampolines come with two kinds of enclosures: the ACON Premium and the ACON Standard enclosures. You can read more about them here.

The safety pad covers the springs of the trampoline. The ACON safety pads are durable and weather-resistant: made from UV-coated PVC with a foam core.

When looking at safety pads, make sure that it’s wide enough to cover the springs and thick enough for comfort. The ACON safety pads are 1.2 inches (30 mm) thick and up to 14.5 inches (37 cm) wide.

Durable Trampoline Mat

The trampoline mat is the point of contact between the jumper and the trampoline.

Great trampoline mats are durable and comfortable. ACON mats are made from cross-sewn polypropylene and UV-treated to safeguard against the sun.

Does the Safest Trampoline Come with Springs or No Springs?

ACON trampolines are designed with both safety and usability in mind. All our trampolines have springs because we believe that springs offer the best long-term bounce.

Some manufacturers sell springless trampolines, but with the right safety measures there’s no difference in terms of safety – only the bounce makes the difference. Always install the springs according to the
instructions to get the best results.

What are the latest innovations in trampoline safety?

Even the safest trampolines are getting safer every year. New safety features are added, small design changes improve the overall safety and trampoline users are more aware of how trampolining can be both fun and safe.

Each new family of trampolines brings something new. Despite more than 25 years of experience (or perhaps thanks to it), ACON has an in-house team of engineers and designers continuously working on improving our trampolines.

The 2022 lineup of ACON trampolines introduced these safety innovations:

Acon X-Springs

New X-springs: Designed for better bounce, longevity and weather-resistance. Designed with longer hooks to keep the springs in place.

Spring skirt for ACON Air 13 Sport HD: added safety together with the safety pad for both small kids and advanced users.

Improved assembly instructions: straightforward instructions with videos to make sure you get jumping quickly and safely.

A boy lying on Acon 16 Sport HD trampoline in a backyard, seen above

Find the safest trampoline by using this safety checklist

You now know what makes a safe trampoline: predictability, usage and modern safety features. For making decisions we’ve put together a Trampoline Buyer’s Safety Checklist that you can download and use as a reference.

Download the Trampoline Buyer’s Safety Checklist

The checklist works for any trampoline manufacturer, but we recommend checking out the ACON trampolines – especially the new 2022 lineup – for what we consider to be the forefront of safe and fun trampolines.