Many people have taken to exercising at home over the past year, and particularly on trampolines. Trampolining is not only a great way to keep fit and healthy but using one for workouts brings the family together without spending on expensive gym memberships. One of the most family-oriented forms of exercise equipment is an exercise trampoline. You may either consider the ACON FIT trampoline or, if it is for your family, any of our garden trampolines.

Exercise is highly beneficial for the whole family, whatever the age and fitness level, and provides many health benefits. Working out on a trampoline boosts cardiovascular health, improves balance, builds and tones muscles, improves coordination and burns excess calories. A key benefit for adults and children is that trampolining doesn’t put excessive strain on your joints; you can get started on your journey to health and fitness without the drawbacks of a high-intensity workout.

However, it’s important not to buy just any exercise trampoline. You need to consider certain features before you purchase one for yourself and your family.

ACON FIT and Backyard Trampolines

The Size and Shape Matters

There are a variety of shapes and sizes available today and it’s important to go for the one that will suit your purposes the best. If you are going to be exercising alone, a mini trampoline, also known as a rebounder, will be ideal. However, if it is going to be used by everyone in the family, a medium-sized or larger trampoline will fit the bill perfectly. Things such as the size of your backyard have naturally an effect on choosing the best option for your family.

You can get the exercise trampoline either round or hexagon in shape; which one you choose only comes down to personal preference. If you are considering purchasing a trampoline for indoors, opt either for the fitness trampolines or our Baby Acon. Our other trampolines are suitable for outdoors only.

Get fit while having fun

Garden trampolines are the perfect platforms for encouraging your little ones and teenagers to get active. Unlike many other sports, having a trampoline does not require any special talents. Therefore, it is easy to enjoy the thrills of trampolining without any peer pressure.

In case you don’t have enough space for a garden trampoline or you live in an apartment, the fitness trampoline is a better option for you. Although designed with fitness and active training in mind, it is safe for the kids and teenagers to use. What is more, the quiet bungee springs assure that your neighbors won’t have to deal with the squeaking sounds coming from the springs.

The flexibility and feel of fitness trampolines is slightly different from a regular trampoline, which requires the user to use more muscle power to bounce off the platform. Nevertheless, the platform flexes enough to make it safe and comfortable to land on after a bounce. Higher jumps require more force, which in turn consumes more calories.

Accessories to boost up the workout

These days, trampolines are more than just a way to entertain the kids on a weekend afternoon. They are designed with fitness in mind for people who want to incorporate trampolining into their daily exercise routine. If you choose to go for the ACON FIT trampoline, you may want to consider the handlebar to boost up your daily workouts. ACON provides FIT trampolines and handlebars in white and black colors as well as various resistance bands to level up your fitness routine.

While you definitely can get an excellent workout without the handlebar, the benefit of it is that it allows a wider range of movement and jumps, therefore adding even more variety to the fitness routine. Additionally, it can be used for balancing and support.

ACON FIT Trampolines with Handlebar, hexagon and round, black and white

Avoid Injury with Pads and Covers

As with any fitness routine that incorporates equipment, staying injury-free is key to building your fitness level and boosting health. Despite their compact size, the ACON fitness trampoline is designed to be sturdy and stable even during the most vigorous exercise routines.

At ACON, we have pads for the garden trampolines that are manufactured to withstand the pressures of regular use. If it is being used outside, it’s a good idea to choose pads that are made to withstand the elements of the weather and ones with a washable cover to protect from any dirt and debris flying around. The ACON FIT trampolines do not require any padding due to the bungee jumps instead of springs.

Safety is a Priority

Adding a net or enclosure around the garden trampoline, is paramount when it comes to safe trampolining. Safety nets and enclosures aren’t just for protecting children exercising or having fun; they are also there to protect adults and fitness fanatics. Your routine is likely to be energetic and involves jumps, spins and backflips. Keeping everyone safe and avoiding falls off the trampoline is a priority.

Trampolining is a great low-impact and complete fitness exercise which uses just one piece of equipment. It not only helps tone your body, improve your balance, boost your health and increase your fitness level, but it’s also a lot of fun for all the family. At ACON, we have a range of trampolines to suit whatever use you need. We also stock pads, covers, nets and enclosures to keep you and your family safe.

And if you are ready for making your daily workouts as an exciting part of your daily routine, you may want to consider learning more about the benefits of a trampoline workout. Experience the "Peloton of trampolines" said by none other than Sydney Ross!

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