Flipping in mid-air might seem daunting, but with a sprinkle of courage, a dash of determination (and maybe some padding), you'll be soaring through the sky like an acrobatic superhero in no time. Prepare for an exhilarating journey into the realm of gravity-defying stunts, as we teach you how to execute the front-flip.

Front Flip Tutorial Step by Step 

Before you attempt a front flip, spend 5-10 minutes warming up your body with stretches that target your legs, back, shoulders and neck. That way, you can safely practice your trick while you work on your technique. Double check your trampoline looks as it should, and that it’s in a safe location to practice your flip. Then get ready: it’s time to practice! Check out our video with a pro trampoline tricker Markku Keski-Oja (@marqflips), who runs through the steps with you.

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Step 1 – Somersault (0.19 - 0.33)

Begin with some rotation. Tuck your knees towards your chest. Use your abdominal muscles to curl into a tight ball, bringing your head forward and looking down towards the trampoline bed. Take your chin to chest and round your back, before practicing a somersault. This will help to build confidence and familiarity with flipping motions.

Step 2 - Jump into it (0.33 - 0.49)

Use your feet to jump into your somersault this time, using momentum. Do this for at least 2 minutes. You can use a crash mat - but it's not a must. Build body awareness, coordination, and air control so your front flips will have precision.

Step 3 - Try not to use your hands (0.49 - 1.00)

Repeat the previous step, trying not to use your hands. Before landing, bring your hands near your chest. That's already a front flip.

Step 4 – Tuck (1.00 - 1.14)

Now, it's time to tuck! Try to grab your legs in the air, that's called tucking. It'll help a lot with the speed.

Step 5 – Land Seated (1.14 - 1.28)

Once you've nailed tucking, try to land seated. Throw your arms from above your head, and then land seated.

Step 6 – Keep Trying until you Nail the Landing (1.28 - 1.59)

Try to jump as high as possible (but remember, safety first!), without it affecting the flip. Remember to throw your arms and tuck tight. Keep practicing to master the skill!

How to do Double Flips 

Have you already mastered the front flip? If you think your skills are so advanced that you can go even further, the next step is the double flip. To execute a successful double flip, mastering basic flips is essential. Start with simple front flips or backflips individually until you feel comfortable executing them consistently without losing control mid-air. Remember: the key to performing an impeccable double flip is to maintain proper body positioning throughout the entire maneuver.

Begin by bouncing on the trampoline's center, using controlled jumps. Before being ready for takeoff, make sure you have both knees towards your chest as you jump. Then it’s time for lift-off! Check out our guide before you try it.

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Safety Tips  for Flips

Stretch It Out 
Before attempting any challenging trampoline maneuver like a flip, warm up your body well. Spend 10-15 minutes stretching your arms, legs, neck, and core muscles. This helps increase blood flow and flexibility, reducing the risk of muscle strains or injuries. 

Slowly Does It 
Mastering the front flip requires gradual progression. Take it slowly, building your foundational skills first. Work on perfecting basic flips before moving on to more advanced moves like twists or combinations.  

Friendly Assistance 
Have a friend present as you practice, acting as a spotter who can keep an eye on things. They might be able to point out how to improve your moves! 

Guys hanging around next to a trampoline after tricking session on a beach

Crash Mat 
Sometimes even the most experienced athletes may miscalculate their jumps or landings. Good thing is that we have a perfect partner for anyone eager to learn new tricks and leaping! You can use Acon’s crash mat inside or outdoors: the smooth material will give you a soft landing no matter the setting. 

An enclosure creates a space where you can focus solely on perfecting your technique. They offer an added layer of protection against awkward landings, helping to absorb any impact.

Follow these tips and have confidence. There’s plenty of fun to be had as you work on your moves.

Fun, Flawless Flips

Mastering the front flip on a trampoline requires a combination of technique, practice, and confidence. By following the step-by-step guide, you can gradually build the skills to execute a flawless front flip. Repetition gives results, so practice, practice, practice! You can conquer the exhilarating feat of performing a front flip on a trampoline. Take that leap of faith, embrace the thrill, and let your inner acrobat soar through the air with style!