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Folded Black Edition Acon Gym Mat product image against a white background
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ACON Gym Mat for Gymnastics Black Edition


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Flip, roll, cartwheel, fly and land on our Black Edition Gym Mat. Its fresh all-black matte look adds a striking finish for any routine. Practice all your gymnastics safely with this mat that's made to go anywhere. It's also the perfect foundation for home exercise, like cardio and yoga.

Want to create an entire zone for flipping and tricking? We've attached strong velcro tabs to both ends of the mat to allow you to connect multiple mats for an extended padded surface.


120 x 245 cm, thickness 4 cm

Package size

121 x 62 x 16 cm, 8 kg

Product weight

6,5 kg


  • For tricking, parkour, cheerleading, gymanstic, jumping, flips, yoga and children’s activity courses
  • For all ages




Foldable Gym Mat


Inside the mat high density EPE foam Outer material strong PVC


2 years

Other info

For indoor and outdoor use
Where to buy a black gym mat?
The best place to buy a black gym mat is from the Acon24.com website. As part of the Black Edition of products, they are stunning and deliver great cushioning for leapers and tricksters of all ages and abilities.
How much are black gym mats?
Black gym mats can vary in price depending on the maker. The Acon Black Edition Gym Mat is just 109€.
Which black gym mat is the best option?
The best gym mat is the one made for long-lasting support thanks to high-quality durable materials. The Acon Black Edition Gym Mat is a great option for all types of gymnastics practice and home workouts.

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