We like to think that the more kids and adults spend time outdoors and away from our forever-by-our-side electronic devices, the healthier our lives will be.

But even we agree that it’s not always possible to go jumping outdoors and recognize the huge benefits of using an indoor trampoline, for fun, family adventure and fitness. Therefore, we have a choice of three trampoline models that are perfect for using indoors, depending on your needs and ambition. The indoor fun doesn’t stop at trampolines – we highly suggest looking into our Airtracks and other gymnastics equipment while you’re at it!

Whether it’s for kids, adults or both looking forward to fabulous family fun, let’s get going on enlightening you about what’s on offer for a bouncing bonanza at ACON.

Indoor trampoline – why and for whom?

Indoor trampolines are ideal for anyone that lives in a city or in an apartment and doesn’t have a backyard. In some places, city kids have never had the opportunity to experience how much fun bouncing can be. At ACON, we want to change that for good.

Many of the trampolines for indoor purposes on the market today are rebounders designed predominantly for exercising and fitness routines. They can be used by just about anyone, kids to adults of all ages, as well as anyone that has a disability. There are a multitude of health benefits to bouncing, including:

  • Targets specific muscle groups to strengthen and tone, such as quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back and your core.
  • Builds better cardio capabilities.
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Develops bone health yet kind to your joints.
  • Increases the ahappy hormones - great for mental health!

Whether you’re looking for a bouncer that fits your budget or wanting to find different fun activities for kids to do indoors when the weather is not on your side, even if you do have a garden trampoline, an indoor trampoline is the answer. Make the adventure even more exciting by matching it with ACON’s Airtrack tumbling mats, Airrolls (great for tricks), or why not pair it with a gymnastics beam – that’ll improve your balance.

Indoor trampoline models

ACON offers three models that are ideal for using indoors. Two of them are high quality rebounders whilst the third one of which is designed like our regular trampoline but in a mini format – the great Baby ACON. Let’s go through them in more detail for you.

Round Acon FIT Fitness trampolines white and black

ACON FIT - round

The ACON FIT rebounder is perfect for any home workout indoors. With the help of rebounder pros, we have designed this classically shaped rebounder to suit anyone looking to build and tone their muscles but protect their joints at the same time.

Its 44in bounce area is one of the largest on the market and its bungee springs are stretchy and silent – no more annoying squeaks! Available in black or white, with or without a handlebar, its attractive looks will fit in with any décor. Its sturdy legs, complete with non-slip pads, make sure that it stays in place during your workout.

Hexagon Acon FIT Fitness trampolines white and black

ACON FIT - hexagon

The ACON FIT in a hexagon shape is a more modern version of our classic ACON FIT round rebounder, making it a unique addition to your indoor environment. Although it has very similar features as the round indoor trampoline, such as bungee springs that are silent for a quiet workout, sturdy legs and available in black and white, the hexagon shape has a bigger 55in bounce area; one of the largest on the market today. With its slightly tougher jumping surface compared to the classic round model, this rebounder is sure to give you a proper workout.

Detail of the handlebars of Acon Fitness trampoline, white and black

Add ACON’s handlebar to give you extra support and balance or team with ACON FIT resistance bands to upscale your workout routine. The hexagon shape lends itself to yoga, Pilates, meditation and other mindfulness techniques.

Baby Acon Trampoline 6ft


Don’t be fooled by its name – the Baby ACON packs as much of a punch as its bigger buddies! The great thing about the Baby ACON indoor trampoline is that you can take it outdoors, too. Its versatility means that you can take it with you anywhere, the park, the beach or any garden.

Because it is nice and compact, easy to dismantle and set up, it’s become highly popular with fitness vloggers and tricksters who want to film their latest workout routine or their newest tricks in unique, stunning locations.

At 6ft in diameter, it is a bit bigger than our two rebounders, it comes with our Synergy Design and new X-springs, a durable yet soft mat and a thick padding around the springs for the utmost safety.

Minimum recommended empty space around the trampoline

Safety tips for an indoor trampoline

When using a trampoline indoors, you must make sure that you have plenty of space around the trampoline. With the Baby ACON, you will also need to make sure you have plenty of height above you because the design means you will be bouncing much higher.

If you’re just starting out with bouncing, start with the basics and, depending on the model you choose, a simple workout routine. Don’t attempt any complicated tricks or jumps until you have mastered the simple movements.

A golden rule is that only one person should use the trampoline at a time. Even if you are bouncing on a regular sized trampoline in the garden, it should still be only one person bouncing at a time; an indoor trampoline is no different.

Although our indoor models are designed and built to last a lifetime and are low maintenance, you may find that you will need to replace some parts at some point. In those cases you may rest assured that we provide any parts to our products either on our online shop or directly by contacting us at customercare.eu@acon24.com.

Indoor trampoline – top 5 activities

There is so much versatility with indoor trampolines and plenty of different activities you can pair with it; you’ll be spoilt for choice! Whether your focus is on fitness, tricking, family exercise or fun for the kids, we’ve listed the top five activities you can do with an indoor trampoline.

A woman working out on the Acon FIT trampoline on the balcony

Rebounder workout

One of the most common reasons for investing in an indoor trampoline is to exercise. As well as being an excellent way of working and toning your muscles in a completely safe way, it’s also highly scalable to anyone’s fitness level. Read more about how much joy rebounding workouts can bring on our interview with Sydney Ross.

An added benefit is that you don’t need much equipment to get the best from a 30 minute rebounding workout. A handlebar is highly recommended for balance and support. For more experienced bouncers, add variety to your workout with ACON FIT resistance bands.

Always make sure you do a five-minute warm up to make sure your muscles and body are ready to workout. Also do at least a five-minute cool down to slowly stretch your muscles gently, relax your body and reduce your heart rate down to normal levels.

A woman making a yoga tree pose on a Acon FIT Trampoline

Yoga practice

Rebounders are becoming highly popular with people who practice yoga, Pilates or mindfulness techniques. Whether you are an experienced yogi or just starting out, practicing on an indoor trampoline really challenges your balance.

ACON FIT’s hexagon shaped rebounder is the best shape for yoga lovers due to its bigger surface area and by adding a handlebar, you will have that extra support.

A girl jumping on a Baby Acon trampoline indoors

Bouncing for kids

Kids love bouncing; there’s no denying it! As ACON says:

“Kids love it. Make it a hobby together and teach and show your child how to bounce on a trampoline safely. Start by holding their hands while they jump. When their skills and motor-coordination develop, they can carefully start jumping on their own under parents’ supervision.”

A great benefit to using indoor trampolines is that kids of all ages can use them safely (as long as there is always an adult watching them to make sure they are safe). It allows kids to experience their first time bouncing in a safe environment.

Acon Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline Package indoors

Obstacle course / indoor activity park

If you’ve got plenty of space indoors, like a big games room, basement or garage, you can make bouncing even more fun by creating an obstacle course or even an indoor activity park. Using a variety of ACON’s other products, like Airtrack mats, rolls and gymnastic beams, you can build a fun, challenging course for your kids, and adults!

Turn it into a game by making the floor lava and they’re not allowed to touch it on their way around the course, or deduct points every time they put a foot down on the floor. But always remember, safety first.

Tricks and jumps with an indoor trampoline

For the more experienced rebounder, our Baby ACON is the perfect solution for those that are into tricks and specialized jumps on a trampoline for indoors. Because it has a bigger bounce area than a rebounder as well as our new X-springs, tricksters find that they are able to jump high with the best bounce in the business.

Endless fun with an indoor trampoline

Indoor trampolines really can add hours of endless fun and excitement for all the family. If you’re into exercise routines to improve your strength and fitness level, or for kids to have an abundance of fun with friends and their parents, you are investing in a lifetime of bouncing excitement. It gets even better when you pair your indoor trampoline with our fitness resistance bands or build your unique obstacle course using ACON’s mats, rolls and floor beams.

However, if you are still unsure about the various trampoline sizes, have a look on our tips for finding the correct one. Step up on your ACON journey today.

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