ACON’s trampolines are a great way to bring new heights of fun to your family. It’s difficult to match the premium quality and exceptional design of an ACON. And, the best news is - you can now customize your ACON further than ever before by getting our new flagship trampoline, ACON X.

The customization options are already beyond exceptional, but the development of new Acon X modules doesn't stop here. We're planning on bringing more and more fun and play to keep the trampoline as exciting as it is on day one when you get it. In other words, you can customize your trampoline according to our current availability of accessories and get more and more add-ons as they come fresh out of the factory!

Let’s take a closer look at the ways we’ve made it possible to create a perfect trampolining experience.

Why Customize Your Own Trampoline?

Maybe you’ve never considered customizing your trampoline before, so it’s natural to wonder – why? Well, there are many reasons to make your trampolining experience something more personalized.

Customizing your own trampoline allows you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. Choosing the size, shape, color, and additional features are ways you can make sure your trampoline matches your own, and your family’s, personal style. What’s more, your customizations can enhance trampoline durability, experience and performance. After all, each family or gymnast could have their specifications.

Three trampoline tricksters on an Acon X Trampoline in a Nordic pine forest.

Whether it's for recreational use or professional training, a customized trampoline can grow with your family and its unique needs. A trampoline that’s customized for gymnastics performance can help your budding trickers and jumpers hone their technique with more accuracy.

Height adjustments make it possible to raise the bar as little ones grow or develop their trampolining skills. New accessories can be added to keep the trampoline a fresh space with a bespoke feel that kids, teens, and adults feel excited to return to each time they bounce! 

How to Customize ACON X Trampoline – Three Ways

A personalized platform means you can play exactly according to your preferences. Begin with the color trampoline you choose, then get into the really important details: the performance modules that will take tricksters to the next level and the games that offer hours of family fun!

Step 1: Choose Color (Black or Grey)

The first thing you need to decide when choosing your ACON X are the color options. The ACON X comes in two stylish colors: black or gray. Whether you prefer a sophisticated gray or a classic, slick black finish is up to you. Our rust-free design and UV-treated surfaces will keep your trampoline intact and usable for years to come. In the future, we will also provide optional custom design options to add to your trampoline.

Step 2: Choose Performance Modules

At ACON we never stop pushing the boundaries when thinking of ways to improve our trampoline performance. Now, we welcome our newest performance modules: the latest way to enhance the ACON X experience. ACON X already takes jumping to the next level, but we’ve found even more ways to boost its function.

Our performance modules allow you to customize the feel of the jump. They’re made for both advanced jumpers and families. While they provide the ultimate customization experience for trickers (think: unique spring formations, extra height etc.,), they also give parents the possibility to adjust the bounce to be soft, which is something that little kids tend to prefer. And, when it’s time to enjoy play modules (introduced later in the article), it doesn’t hurt to add a few extra springs for the optimal feel of a game arena.

If you don’t want or need these performance-enhancing modules, you can skip these parts and move on to the fun game-and-play modules (in the next section).

ACON X Freestyle Mat

Maximize the energy you use jumping. We’ve created a freestyle mat that gets more power from every bounce. The criss-cross, 2-string netting and large air-hole placements allows air to pass through so you get a consistent, expanded bounce that’s lighter and a lot more fun! A non-slip surface helps to make sure you can keep your composure as you soar to new heights using the same amount of energy. The ACON X Freestyle Mat is designed to withstand repetitive impact and stress from advanced tricks. This one is perfect for landing your most advanced maneuvers and flips. For ultimate trampoline trickers and gymnasts, this is it.

Detail of Acon X Freestyle Trampoline Mat's structure.

ACON X Height Kit

Push your jumps to the max with our custom height kit. Having three height options, it’s adjustable so that your trampoline can grow with your little ones as their skills evolve with age and practice. It also provides peace of mind when your most advanced jumpers take to the mat.

Improve every move with precision and more airtime. Durable, galvanized steel with a UV treated finish, our height kit will withstand both rigorous training and the elements.

Three Acon X Trampolines installed to different heights with the Height Kit, seen from above.

ACON X Performance Spring Kit

Performance springs will give you the best bounce setup. The ACON X Performance Spring Kit was devised with athletes in mind, to deliver exactly what jumping pros require from their bounce. You can set the springs to maximum air, to store more energy with each and every jump, which is great if you’re a tricker or competitive gymnast. Likewise, you can adjust those spring settings as your family needs, fine-tuning the configuration to match the level of specificity that works best for you. Make it soft for little kids or utilize extra spring to make it perfect for games! Whatever setting you choose, the corrosive-resistant Performance Springs will go the distance.

ACON X Performance Trampoline Spring hook detail.

Step 3: Choose Game & Play Modules

After all those tricks, flips and jumps, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s little left to do on your trampoline. But that’s actually not all: we have game & play modules to make sure that your little ones don’t tire of trampoline time. So, when they’re not jumping and playing, we’ve made these terrific trampoline game & play modules to make sure your little ones get the most from their trampoline.

ACON X Soccer Goal

We’re super excited for the latest addition to the modules – the ACON X Soccer Goal. The first batch got sold out in a blink!

Watch your trampoline transform into a training ground for toe-tapping games of soccer. Imagine the experience of playing a match like your favorite soccer sport team, with the option to fly as you close in on the built-in goal post.

Acon X Trampoline soccer goal panel installed

ACON X Basketball Hoop with Back Net

Our kid-tested, family-approved basketball hoop lets your kids take shots as they soar. Get a basketball court experience, giving game time fun that helps to build balance and motor skills. Easy, new ladder-free installation makes setup a breeze while the back net makes sure that the ball doesn't fly off the trampoline in case you miss the hoop.

The best materials chosen for this product ensure longevity. The basketball hoop is our top seller in trampoline accessories!

ACON X Shade for Trampoline

Beat the midday sun with our shade cover. It’s easy to get carried away on those beautiful days, when you want to make the most of the great outdoors. Our sun shade offers UV protection, so your family can bounce in safety on those warm afternoons, while still allowing the air to circulate. The shade stops the surface of the mat from becoming too hot, while providing a canopy that can serve as a starting point for your kids’ most imaginative games. Primarily a weather-proof shield, you can make the most of this cover at night-time too, to project movies or the backdrop to picnics or other outdoor activities.

ACON X Inflatable Block

Soft, durable and anti-slip, our inflatable blocks are versatile and can be used both on and off the trampoline for games and more. Extra seating, assisted jumps, or imaginative play are all supported by cushioning with a composite fiber structure and hand-crafted seams for endurance and quality. These blocks are designed to fit the enhanced corner stands of the ACON X trampoline to make the corners the perfect spot for kids to sit and wait their turn to jump. Corners are proven to be the safest waiting areas on the trampoline!

The best part? These blocks are light and portable so your kids can play with them where they want, their way.

ACON X and modularity

As you may see by the number of accessories and other add-ons, our new flagship ACON X is designed to be modular, meaning that the ACON team is committed in developing more and more modules for both Performance as well as Game & Play range. In other words, choosing to opt for our most premium trampoline model pays off as it truly becomes the play center for the whole family. We truly believe that this trampoline goes beyond of what anyone expects a trampoline to be. So, stay tuned!

Need help in Customizing? Contact Our Customer Support

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