Kids can be hard to please sometimes. However, that doesn’t stop parents from trying to come up with a million and one ways of keeping them entertained while making sure they are healthy, learning good habits, and having fun.

That’s why a kid needs a trampoline. It can help with all those things and more. Here are 10 reasons why your kids need a trampoline:

1. It Gets Them Outdoors

We didn’t need a global pandemic and all the lockdowns that came with it to tell us that kids need to spend more time outdoors. The various digital distractions which have crept into our lives over the last few decades mean it can be harder to convince kids to get out and breathe in some fresh air.

A trampoline can be a great way to entice them out, and with all our trampolines, they are easy to assemble plus safe and sturdy, so they can bounce away in complete safety.

2. It’s Great Exercise

Getting kids into sport can involve just as much commitment from the parents as the kids themselves - buying all the equipment and uniforms and driving them to and from training. Hey, we do it because we love them, and we know they are getting much-needed exercise.

However, did you know that a trampoline can deliver a comprehensive all-body workout right in your backyard? Cardio, toning, core – the works. And what's more, it tires them out.

3. It’s Great for Socializing

At ACON, we supply trampolines of varying sizes, and we know that a large outdoor trampoline is a great place for your kids and their friends to hang out. Having their friends around for some trampoline fun allows them to interact with people their own age and improves their social skills.

4. It Keeps Them Entertained

Some days, being a parent can seem like you’re in charge of entertainment at a summer camp. With a trampoline, you always have an outlet for your kids’ boredom.

5. It’s Great for Their Mental Health

Let’s face it; a trampoline is just lots of fun. However, there’s a perfectly good scientific reason for that. Bouncing on a trampoline actually releases hormones and chemicals in our brains which boost our mood and make us feel more positive.

6. They’re Safe

At ACON, all our trampolines meet the highest safety standards. They come with net enclosures and safety padding around the edges to cushion those falls.

7. They Are Great Value

In terms of cost per use, nothing beats a trampoline. At ACON, we have trampolines that can suit a range of budgets. Purchasing a trampoline represents a great investment, especially when you stack it up against all the other toys you’ve bought over the year.

We supply high-quality trampolines which are built to last, guaranteeing years of fun.

8. It Improves Motor Skills

Bouncing up and down on a trampoline can improve brain function and co-ordination. Bouncing from side to side quickly shifts a kid’s center of gravity, which gives their brains a bit of a workout and improves bilateral movements, balance, and motor skills.

9. They’re Great for Family Bonding

A large outdoor trampoline provides a place for all the family to have fun and spend time together. There aren’t many activities that kids and grown-ups enjoy together, but trampolining is definitely one of them. It can be a great way to have fun and create some treasured family memories.

10. They Can Burn Off Excess Energy

A trampoline can be a great outlet for your kid’s pent-up energy and frustration. Many kids find it hard to articulate their feelings, which can cause conflict in some homes. Sometimes, they just need a release, and a session on a trampoline can provide that. It allows them to burn off energy and feel their cares float way.

Purchasing a trampoline is an amazing investment given the range of benefits it brings for your kids and, for that matter, you as well.