ACON Air 24 Spring Replacement Package 7in
ACON Air 24 Spring Replacement Package 8.5in
ACON Air Spring 7in
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ACON Air 24 Spring Replacement Package for trampolines

Spring set for ACON Air Round Trampolines


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With this replacement spring set, you’ll ensure the Acon signature bounce for your round trampoline. These replacement springs fit the ACON Air 1,8m, 3,0m, 3,7m, 4,3m, and 4,7m round trampoline models. The springs are made out of special galvanized spring steel which endure more wear than a normal steel.

You can either replace all or only the most worn springs from your trampoline.

If you’re looking to replace all the springs for your Acon Air trampoline, please check the number of springs you’ll need for your trampoline from below:

ACON Air 1,8m and 3,0m

  • 1,8m Trampoline: 48 pcs
  • 3,0m Trampoline: 64 pcs
  • 4,0m Trampoline: 80 pcs

ACON Air 3,7m, 4,0m, 4,3m and 4,6m

  • 3,7m Trampoline: 80 pcs
  • 4,3m Trampoline: 96 pcs
  • 4,6m Trampoline: 110 pcs

Acon Air 1,8m, 3,0m and 4,0m trampolines use 17.5 cm springs.

ACON Air 3,7m, 4,3m and 4,6m trampolines use 21.5 cm springs.

The length of the spring is measured from the hook to the hook.

Just choose your trampoline model/size from above and the set that fits your needs (either a 24 pc spring set or a 48 pc spring set).


  • Spring length 17,5cm suitable for Acon Air 1,8m and 3,0m trampolines
  • Spring length 21,5cm suitable for Acon Air 3,7m, 4,3m and 4,6m trampolines

Package size

32 x 23 x 7 cm

Product weight

1,2 - 5,3 kg


  • 17,5 cm = ACON Air 1,8 and 3,0
  • 21,5 cm = ACON Air 3,7, 4,3 and 4,6


  • Choose the model of your trampoline and the number of springs (24 or 48) before purchase.
  • Spring pull tool sold separately


Galvanized Steel


1 year

Other info

  • Pre-tension 17,5cm: 4kg
  • Pre-tension 21,5cm: 7kg

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