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Net for ACON Wave goals
ACON Wave goals and nets
ACON Wave goal, nets and goalkeeper

Replacement Net for ACON Wave Goals (Multiple sizes)



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ACON Wave nets are compatible only with ACON Wave goals.

The ACON Wave nets are made from durable, weather and UV resistant material and the nets are sewn into the correct shape, making them easy to install.

For the ACON Wave 183 goal the net is 5mm nylon net that will take 140km/h shots.
For the ACON Wave 160 goal the net is 4mm.
For the ACON Wave 90 goal (mini) and ACON Wave 300 goal the nets are 3mm.

Package size

25 x 18 x 7 cm

Product weight

2 kg


  • 90 x 60 cm (3 mm) for ACON Wave 90 -goal
  • 160 x 115 cm (4 mm) for ACON Wave 160 -goal
  • 183 x 122 cm (5 mm) for ACON Wave 183 -goal
  • 300 x 200 cm (3 mm) for ACON Wave 300 -goal


UV-treated, weather-resistant net


1 year

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