ACON Premium Enclosure for ACON trampolines
ACON Premium Enclosure for ACON trampolines
ACON Trampoline with Premium Enclosure

ACON Air Premium Enclosure for Round Trampolines (Multiple sizes)


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The ACON Premium Enclosure is designed to ensure top-class safety in trampoline jumping!

The ACON Premium Enclosure is designed for ACON Air trampolines of sizes 3,7m / 4,3m and 4,6m. It also fits most round trampolines of sizes 3,7m-4,6m that have the same number of legs as ACON Air Trampolines.

This high-quality enclosure attaches to the trampoline mat inside the springs, preventing the jumper's foot from ending up between the springs

The new and improved upper metal frame structure adds more rigidity and structural flexibility than ever before. The enclosure's premium look and carefully chosen color make it fit nicely to any backyard. For year-round use.

Package includes:

  • UV-treated enclosure net
  • Poles made of heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Pole's safety padding
  • Pole's brackets

Additionally, you have the option to buy the net separately as a spare part from here.

The enclosure is backed by a 1-year warranty!

Package size

  • 3,7m: 180 x 37 x 15cm
  • 4,3m: 180 x 37 x 15cm
  • 4,6m: 180 x 37 x 17cm


180cm measured from the mat

Product weight



  • ACON Air and ACON Air 2022 Trampolines 3,7m, 4,3m and 4,6m
  • ACON round enclosures are compatible with most 3,7m, 4,3m and 4,6m round trampolines on the market. Just make sure they have the same number of legs as ACON trampolines and a matching diameter to fit the enclosure securely.


  • ACON Air Enclosure
  • Enclosure net
  • Enclosure poles with safety padding
  • Pole's brackets
  • Upper rims and caps
  • Graphical instructions

Pole count

  • 3,7m: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 4,3m: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 4,6m: 5 legs pair (10 poles)


1 year

Other info

For year-round use

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