The Launch Pad

Welcome thrillseekers! This is your place to find the inspiring stories and PRO tips on everything Acon.

Indoor Trampoline for Kids and Adults: Tips and Options

An indoor trampoline is a great launch pad for the whole family to have fun! Read about our three indoor models and our top tips for indoor fun for the whole family.

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Trampoline Sizes: Guide for Choosing the Correct Size

The trampoline size one of the most important factors when making a purchase decision. However, choosing the correct size can be difficult as there are numerous sizes, models and types available on the market. Which is why we created this handy guide for you to and find your own Acon!

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Q&A with Markus - 29 questions about trampolines

Research and development is where the magic happens! But how is the best bounce in the business done in practice and what kind of testing to the products go through before the launch? Read more on our fun Q&A with our R&D Director Markus Lohi!

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How to do a Backflip - top tips

Practicing various tricks is one of the most thrilling things you may do on your ACON trampoline. Watch our video tutorials, learn how to master the backflip with these tips and get flipping!

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Trampoline Enclosure – Setting Up and Assembling

ACON trampoline is a fun way to boost up the activity of kids of all ages, but there are some things you need to take into consideration. One of them is safety and, in particular the trampoline enclosure Learn more about the enclosure types and how to set it up in our blog.

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