If you love basketball and you love trampolining, it’s time to combine the two and start improving your basketball skills. Spice up your bouncing routine using a trampoline with basketball hoop in a completely safe way. We all know that bouncing is a highly effective, all-around cardio workout with many other benefits. But when you add the hoop, it's all about having fun. Let’s find out why.

Attaching to the ACON trampoline

In the past, if you wanted to practice your basketball skills at the same time as bouncing, you’d drag a freestanding basketball hoop and backboard over to the side of the trampoline and start practicing. But it was soon discovered that not only was this not secure or safe as the hoop would tip over, but it also didn’t do the job either.

Rectangle Trampoline Hoop's HD EasyInsta mechanism

ACON’s new trampoline basketball hoop is a different matter altogether; it is extremely easy to install using a uniquely designed HD EasyInsta mechanism. The ACON HD crosspiece is used for rectangular trampolines – for round bouncers, it is secured to the safety enclosure pole – and keeps it steady as well as better hoop positioning. It can be secured to either a round or rectangular trampoline while backboard on the rectangular bouncers is fitted via a new lifting pole system.

Round Trampoline Hoop's HD EasyInsta mechanism
Round Trampoline Hoop's HD EasyInsta mechanism

With a flexible RealSafe Rim, the hoop is designed to flex to give you that rebound feel. Added cushioning and a no-pinch, no-finger access design makes it safe to play. The lightweight materials, which are highly durable for all-year-round use, ensure hours of endless fun and games. ACON has also included a ball for you to use, too.

ACON Trampoline Basketball Hoop's RealSafe Rim

As well as the benefits of bouncing, there are several additional benefits to adding a basketball hoop for your trampoline:

Four reasons for getting a trampoline basketball hoop

  • Ups your balance and coordination – bouncing improves your balance but adding shooting practices with jumping significantly boosts your balance and helps your hand, eye and leg coordination.
  • Improves your skills – even if you weren’t a big fan of basketball before you started, you will be by the time you’ve mastered bouncing at the same time as shooting the basketball. It is a great way to practice your skills, improving your shooting drills accuracy ten-fold. It’s also having a low impact on your joints as you are no longer landing on a hard court or ground.
  • Motivational – if you needed an extra reason to get out there, or you needed a good reason for getting your kids off the couch and outside exercising, adding a hoop to your trampoline is all the excuse you’ll need. It’s a great way to get fit and stay healthy, and even better when you bounce and practice your ball skills with the family. Why challenge each other to see who can jump the highest and throw the ball in the basket at the same time.
  • Boosts fun time – so, you’ve mastered all your tricks; but with a trampoline basketball hoop and a few friends (or family), it ups the ante on the fun factor. It makes a game of HORSE much more fun when your friends must do the same aerial jump and make their shot simultaneously.

Unique trampoline games to play with the hoop

It is time to put the hoop to the real test once you’ve mastered the basic throws and tricks. While the possibilities are nearly endless, here are three games you can start with.

One-player games

While practising the basic shot types is fun on its own, adding a fun element gives that extra motivation we all sometimes need. After all, it doesn’t hurt to challenge oneself to push beyond your limits occasionally! Games that develop technique and accuracy are perfect for solo games. For instance, you may:

  • Find photos and videos online about basketball shots and other techniques
  • Score the skills based on their difficulty
  • Set yourself a goal of minimum points and aim for the score

Have fun experimenting with the hoop and see how many shots you can make in a row!

Games for 2-8 people

The basketball-themed trampoline games are the best with your friends or family. Here are some ideas – try them as they are or modify them to your liking!

Game: The Trick Master

1. The first trick master is chosen
2. The master whispers for each participant how they should jump
3. Each participant has only 15 seconds to execute the jump
4. Other participants give style points to each other

The winner is the one who has the most points

For whom?
For friends, family and trampoline tricksters

You'll need:
ACON Trampoline Basketball hoop
Pen & paper or phone for counting the points

Game: Obstacle Course

1. Pick teams
2. Build the obstacle course in the backyard
3. Create a task for each obstacle (shooting the ball on the trampoline being one of the tasks)
4. Each team aims for completing the tasks as fast as possible

The winning team is the team that accomplished the course the fastest

For whom?
For family, summer parties and birthdays

You'll need:
ACON Trampoline Basketball Hoop
Mats or Airtracks
Various obstacles
A stopwatch

Have you tried SlamBall?

Based on basketball, ice hockey and American football, SlamBall is played on trampolines, four to be precise. Invented by Mason Gordon and first played in Los Angeles, four trampolines are positioned at each end of a court on a spring floor and surrounded by a Plexiglass wall for safety, much like an ice hockey rink. The bouncers give players extra height, and they must combine jumping and basketballs at the same time.

Designed in Finland with invaluable input from a team of basketball enthusiasts, children and young adults, parents and ACON’s bounce and safety experts – it’s approved by kids and parents – you can rest assured that the ACON trampoline basketball hoop will bring plenty of laughs as well as improve your basic basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting and rebounding. Spend time with your kids and enjoy family fun activities!