If you or someone you know has a trampoline in their yard, you know how much fun they are. What's more, they're a fantastic piece of equipment to get family members to ditch screen time and step outside for a session of bouncing fun. However, as with most toys, the novelty often wears off and then the once loved trampoline takes up real estate in the yard and sees little or no activity.

Whether you're a first-time trampoline owner or you've owned one for a while, but the initial excitement has dissipated, here are some tricks you can employ to get yourself and your family jumping again.

Become the initiator

Kids often take their lead from their parents, so lead by example. Quite often, the rigors of our hectic lives leave us with very little time to do anything for ourselves. We work, come home, have something to eat, and spend the rest of the evening staring at the TV, often while we simultaneously scroll through pages and pages of social media posts. If this is all you do, it's most likely all your kids will do.

Step outside and start jumping on the trampoline. Make sure you actually look like you're enjoying yourself, and it won't be long before you have company. Invite your kids to join you outside for some playtime on the trampoline, and don't be discouraged if they don't join you straight away. Start jumping, laughing and just being silly. This will pique their curiosity, and they will eventually step outside to see what all the excitement is about. Once you get them outside, half the job is done and then it's only a matter of moments before they want to join you on the trampoline and start jumping with you.

Family aroud a backyard trampoline, dad jumps

Create a family competition

Social media and an overabundance of digital devices have not had the best impact on family interactions. We may all be sitting around the same table as a family, but if you look around, most family members are staring at their smartphones or tablets, completely oblivious to the people around them. Put the trampoline to good use and start a daily or weekly bouncing session. Create a family competition for silly things such as: who jumped the highest; most spectacular fall; best somersault, etc.

Everyone else stands around keeping score, and points can then be tallied to declare the winner. Keep in mind that the winner must have some form of reward, but you also want this to be something the whole family can participate in. Let the winner choose a place the family can go for dessert or decide which movie will be played first on family movie night. The victor gets the glory, but everyone enjoys the reward. This is also the perfect way to extend the time away from screens and initiate even more quality family time.

Add some props

The trampoline is an excellent piece of equipment, but be sure to add some props to increase the fun. Throw in some balls and a few pool noodles to encourage even more playtime in your ACON trampoline. The kids can throw balls, have mock battles with pool noodles and have an absolute blast without getting hurt.


Invite some extra company

We humans are very social beings, and even though spending quality time as a family is important, we need to socialize with people outside the family unit. Invite other families to join you for some fun. Have a few drinks and nibbles and let the kids jump around. The kids are safely enclosed on a tramp with protective netting and all under the watchful eyes of the adults.

You don't need to jump to enjoy trampoline time

It may be surprising to hear that laying down on a trampoline can be quite comfortable. Yes, the main purpose of a trampoline is to jump and bounce, but you can also enjoy some quiet family time on the trampoline. On a bright, warm starry night, bring the family outdoors for a bit of stargazing. Get everyone comfortable on the tramp and simply stare at the night sky. Point out various constellations and bright stars. Who knows, you may all be lucky enough to see a shooting star.

A Little child lying on a garden trampoline

Whatever your reasons for owning a trampoline, your main objective should be to use it as much as possible. Teach your kids the joy of spending time outdoors with lots of fun and laughter. With ACON trampolines, you can keep your family active and bond with each other in some truly fabulous ways.

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