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Making the most of your trampoline

If you or someone you know has a trampoline in their yard, you know how much fun they are. What's more, they're a fantastic piece of equipment to get family members to ditch screen time and step outside for a session of bouncing fun. However, as with most toys, the novelty often wears off and then the once loved trampoline takes up real estate in the yard and sees little or no activity.

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Why getting outdoors matters

Why getting outdoors matters

Modern life has given us so many conveniences, and it seems as though our entire being is programmed in one way or another to a screen of some sort. While this level of connectivity has certainly made life easier in some ways, we tend to be missing out on the simple yet very necessary elements of life.

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Yes, you can jump!

Yes, you can jump!

The digital era has been a positive force for many people, both professionally and personally. We can connect with people worldwide, but somehow, we're losing the ability to connect to those closest to us. There is the other battle of finding activities that take adults and, more importantly, our kids away from their screens and out into the fresh air and sunlight.

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