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ACON Standard Enclosure for Round Trampolines (Multiple sizes)


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The ACON Enclosure is designed to ensure top-class safety in trampoline jumping!

The ACON Enclosure is designed for ACON Air Trampolines but it also fits to most round trampolines of sizes 3 m - 4.6 m that have the same number of legs as ACON Air Trampolines.

This high-quality, CE-approved enclosure attaches tight around the trampoline frame giving a spacious feel.

The ACON Enclosure is designed with safety and robustness in mind and the color is carefully chosen to fit nicely to any backyard. For year-round use.

Package includes: 

  • UV-treated enclosure net
  • Poles made of heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Pole's safety padding
  • Pole's brackets

Additionally, you have the option to buy the net separately as a spare part from here.

The enclosure is backed by a 1-year warranty!

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Package size

* 3,0m enclosure: 128 x 24 x 22cm, 26 kg
* 3,7m enclosure: 133 x 24 x 23cm, 26 kg
* 4,3m enclosure: 133 x 24 x 22cm, 28 kg
* 4,6m enclosure: 133 x 31 x 23cm, 34 kg


180cm measured from the mat

Product weight

25 kg


  • ACON Air and ACON Air 2022 Trampolines 3,0m, 3,7m, 4,0m, 4,3m and 4,6m
  • ACON round enclosures are compatible with most 3,0m - 4,6m round trampolines on the market. Just make sure they have the same number of legs as ACON trampolines and a matching diameter to fit the enclosure securely.


  • ACON Enclosure
  • Enclosure net
  • Enclousure poles with safety padding
  • Pole's brackets

Pole count

  • 3,0m: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 3,7m: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 4,3m: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 4,6m: 5 legs pair (10 poles)


1 year

Other info

For year-round use

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