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ACON 6x6mAirtrack Gymnastics Tumbling Mat


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Bigger bounces. Better tricks.

The ACON Big airtrack 6x6m is our latest creation for home gymnastics. Giant. Air-filled. Ready for action. Practice like a pro, as the mat is ready to handle the most demanding tricks. Our patented air-filled pads make performing fun and safe. The Big airtrack is ready for the most intense routines and tricks. Its high-quality composite fiber structure ensures smooth bouncing. While durable hand-crafted seams ensure that it will continue to perform day after day.

The BIG airtrack fits you. Choose from 5 different sizes:

Ready to move? The Big airtrack offers side handles for easy carrying. Plus you can stack other airtrack pads and airblocks to each other for an epic platform with secure Velcro connections.

Suitable also for a public use; gym and fitness clubs, schools, leisure parks, etc.

Up to 2-year warranty (non-public use), 1-year warranty (public use). Package includes carrying bag, electric pump and repair kit.

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6 x 6 m, thickness 20 cm

Package size

150 x 60 x 50 cm, 138 kg

Product weight



  • For tricking, parkour, cheerleading, gymnastic, jumping, flips, yoga and children’s activities
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For all ages
  • For water activities


Black, Grey, White, Blue


Includes carrying bag, electric pump (1000W) and repair kit. Please note: the carrying bag should always be used for transport.


  • Strong, UV-treated PVC pad structure with 1000 threads per square meter inside the pad (500 threads commonly used in the industry)
  • Hand-crafted seams

Weight limit

ACON airtracks can bear 200 kg/m²


  • 2 years for the mattress (private use)
  • 1 year for the mattress (public use)
  • 1 year for the pump

Other info

  • Carrying handles are located on the side
  • 20 cm wide velcro on the surface that can be used to stack other airtrack pads and airblocks on top of each other
  • REACH- certified

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