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Adding a net for trampoline is the single best way to improve its safety. Acon produces some of the world’s safest trampolines with enclosures that keep leapers on the jumping surface. Explore our trampoline enclosure models: standard, premium or HD enclosure. Add a ladder or a hoop that mounts easily on our enclosures and you’ve got the ultimate jumping experience.

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How to put a net on a trampoline?
Simply begin by installing the safety poles, which attach to the trampoline frame. Next, attach the net to the safety poles. Find the manual for your Acon trampoline here for complete instructions.
How much is a trampoline net?
Trampoline nets, also known as enclosures, vary in cost depending on the manufacturer. Acon trampoline nets are around $160 for standard enclosures and $229 for premium enclosures. Specialized Sport enclosures for rectangular models can be higher, determined by size. (Note: prices can fluctuate over time).
How to repair trampoline net?
Every Acon net/enclosure includes a one-year warranty and can be swapped if damaged. For safety reasons, we do not offer a repair kit and advise replacing the enclosure if the net gets broken outside its warranty window. Note: we recommend replacing the net every three years for best maintenance.
How to winterize a trampoline with a net?
If left outside for the winter, it is important to clear the snow from the mat and from the enclosure often, using a brush rather than a shovel. Heavy snow can also damage the enclosure, and stretch springs and the mat if not kept clean. Disassembling the enclosure net and poles during winter months can help ensure their longevity.
How to measure a trampoline for a net?
For round Acon trampolines, measure by diameter. Start at any single point around the outside and measure through the exact center point of the trampoline to the opposite side. This full-length measure is the size of your trampoline – and will match to the size of the enclosure that you need.