ACON FIT Resistance Bands, 3-piece set
ACON FIT Resistance Bands, 3-piece set

ACON Fit Resistance Bands 3-Piece Set for Fitness Training


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Fitness gets fierce with the Acon FIT Resistance Loop Bands training set. The training set comes with 3 bands varying in resistance – from strong (black) to medium (blue) to light (grey). So you can choose the level that’s just right for your workout today, and tomorrow.

Our resistance loop bands pair great with any workout, and are made for all levels of fitness, whether you're a gym guru or just starting out. These smart, simple bands are super easy to store post-workout.

Made from high-quality, natural latex for a smooth, reliable, and consistent level of resistance with every stretch. These long-lasting bands are designed to be your workout buddy for years to come.

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Package size

16x 12 x 2 cm

Outer dimensions

  • Carry bag size: 16x 12 cm
  • Resistance loop width: 5 cm
  • Resistance loop total length: ~ 60 cm
  • Resistance loop thicknesses (light, medium, strong): 0.35 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.1 mm  

Product weight

0.05 kg


  • Strong: Black
  • Medium: Blue
  • Light: Grey


  • 3 pcs resistance loops: Light, Medium and Strong
  • Carry bag
  • Graphical instructions


  • Resistance loop: Natural latex
  • Carry bag: Nylon

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