Trampolining is experiencing a great revival as more people look to save money on gyms and try some exercise for mini trampoline at home. Bouncing is a great way to get fit, develop balance and shave off a few pounds, too. Many people are incorporating it into their fitness routine for all-around exercise, and a mini trampoline is the perfect tool.

Ideal for adults or kids, you’ll be surprised just how much energy, focus, and hard work it takes to bounce up and down for fitness or recreational use. When you add in a few tricks, somersaults, back drops or seat drops, you’ll be fitter, stronger and healthier than you thought you could be in no time at all. An extra benefit of a mini trampoline is it can be used outdoors, great for the summer months, and indoors when it’s cold and wet outside.

A great low impact exercise

But it’s only bouncing up and down, we hear you say. How wrong you are! Rebounding is a great aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate, improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles and boosts oxygen levels. You’ll feel more alive and focused than you’ve ever been!

Because it’s a low-impact exercise, a 10-minute routine can potentially burn the same level of fat as a 30-minute run. In fact, NASA’s study found that working out on a rebounder was the most efficient, effective form of exercise for their astronauts. It works to tone several parts of your body at the same time, from your core and back muscles to your glutes and legs. A regular trampolining exercise routine for mini trampoline is also excellent for improving your motor skills, such as balance and coordination.

Exercise that is gentle on your joints

Let a mini trampoline take the strain if you suffer from weak joints or have had an injury. Our "Baby Acon" trampoline has been developed to complement its springs, ensuring each spring is optimized for a vigorous, precise bounce. Or, if you are looking for a platform for some serious workouts, check out our FIT trampolines. The bounce ensures your fitness routine is the best and most effective it can be while limiting the possible negative impact on your body.

Benefits of exercise for mini trampoline

Just 6 feet in circumference, the Baby Acon is light in weight making it easily portable and allowing you to work out just about anywhere, even on a luxury yacht, if that is what floats your boat. But if you really need to optimize the space, the fitness trampolines fit even the smallest of places as they come at diameters of 44 or 55 inches depending on the shape.

The list of benefits associated with bouncing are many, but here are the main ones:

  • Ideal for an at-home exercises since a mini rebounder takes up little space. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be easily stored away when not in use.
  • There are an abundance of example exercise for mini trampoline you can try, so you always have new rebounder workouts to try on your mini trampoline.
  • An effective, low impact 20-minute exercise that is easy on your joints yet burns more fat than a high-intensity, hour-long run.
  • It gets your heart rate going, improves cardiovascular fitness as well as boosting your mood and energy levels. Jumping gets your blood pumping quicker than just about any other cardio exercise and keeps your body functioning at its optimum rate.
  • Improves your coordination, balance and agility.
  • A great fun, adrenaline-fueled, exciting, joyful bouncing exercise that the whole family can enjoy.

Note that the effects of a rebound workout session can be increased by incorporating other forms of movements and fitness accessories to training. Take things up a notch by turning your rebounder into a mini trampoline with handle and strengthen your back with bent over rows using resistance band with handles – the possibilities are endless!

Try this exercise for mini trampoline

While jumping itself is fun, it may take a while to get the gist of the sport. If unsure what to do on it or you are just considering the sport, then look no further to find some popular exercises and get inspired!

Jumping jacks on a fitness trampoline

1st exercise for mini trampoline - Jumping jacks

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and jump up with your feet out. Land with wide feet. Then jump again and bring your feet together as you land. You may keep your hands on the handle bar or lift your arms overhead with each jump. Watch the full video here.

Woman doing twisting jumps on the ACON mini trampoline

2nd exercise for mini trampoline - Twists

Start with your feet together and legs closed, jump with a slight bend in the knees and as you go up, point your feet to the left while twisting your upper body to the opposite side. On your next jump, point your feet to the right and twist your upper body to the left. Watch the full video here.

Woman doing skiing jumps on the ACON mini trampoline

3rd exercise for mini trampoline - Let's Go Skiing

Make sure you are in the center of the mini trampoline, keep your legs together and a slight bend in your knees, then jump your feet to the right and immediately jump your feet to the left. Once you’ve got that bit mastered, start bending your arms or challenge yourself to go lower while jumping. Watch the full video here.

Woman squatting and preparing for a knees to chest jump on a fitness trampoline

4th exercise for mini trampoline - Knees to Chest

Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself a bit like you would when squatting and jump as fast as you can. You may either touch your knees each time you jump or, if you’ve upgraded to the mini trampoline with handle bar, keep the hands on the bar. Watch the full video here.

Woman streching while leaning on a mini trampoline

5th exercise for mini trampoline - Stretches

it is essential to do cool down exercises after working out on a mini trampoline. Consider giving some love for your upper thighs, inner thighs and calves before you head out to continue your daily tasks.

At ACON, we supply trampolines of all sizes. The FIT Trampolines are the perfect addition to your home gym and a great way to get the whole family active. As said by the words of Sydney Ross, experience the "Peloton of Trampolines" today!

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