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  • New and fun way to keep being active!
  • Develop balance, focus, coordination, and reflexes!
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Continued fun for years to come

  • Unique design needs no disassembly for winter!
  • Build to last with up to 10 years warranty!
  • All replacement parts always on stock!

Designed for thrill seekers. At any level.

  • Easy to set up and descriptive instructions
  • Fast delivery, ships to all EU countries
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"Couldn't have picked a better trampoline for the variety of ages. Easy to assemble, great quality."

Size matters

Acon 1,8m trampoline

AIR 1,8m

Acon 3,0m trampoline

AIR 3,0m

Acon 3,7m trampoline

AIR 3,7m

Acon 4,3m trampoline

AIR 4,3m

Acon 4,6m trampoline

AIR 4,6m

Acon Heavy Duty Trampoline

AIR 16 Sport HD

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We make no compromises
in quality or safety.

  • SYNERGY DESIGN applies to both the frame, springs and mat icon trampoline
  • Simulations: strenght, fatigue, optimization icon bounce
  • Consideration of customer feedback icon face
  • Continuous quality monitoring icon shield

Why Synergy Design+ matters so much?

ACON Synergy Design

icon - synergy design

Synergy Design. Along with the springs and the mat of a trampoline, the frame is essential increating superb bounce characteristics. Synergy Design+ relies on locating the structure's critical leverage points and utilizing these to amplify the bounce created by the actual springs of the trampoline. The trampoline's design must complement the springs for them to reach their full potential. And that is why our patented Synergy Design+ matters.

icon - performance

Performance and Safety. To ensure our trampolines' endurance and safety, we make sure by both our in-house testing and outside vendors that our products meet and exceed the international security standards. We make sure our springs stay rigid even after 1,5 million bounces, our frame can withstand the weight of an adult brown bear, and our safety enclosures can stand the bristle Nordic winds up to 20m/s.

ACON Synergy Design - frame
ACON Synergy Design - springs

icon - quality monitoring

Continuous quality control. Quality materials and design are integral parts of our business model. Our meticulous Product Development teams have spent years on perfecting our trampolines, and we have listed to the feedback and concerns of our thrill-seeking community. By applying their wishes to our unique design, we have created the best trampoline together.

5 stars

"Really solid & well constructed. Took a few hours to assemble (single handed). Looks top quality. Excellent bounce, so spacious. My son (who lives for trampolining, tricking and tumbling) thinks it’s heaven sent."

Rectangle or Round?

rectangle round
Trampoline package Acon 16 Sport HD

Trampoline Package
Acon Air 16 Sport HD

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The Rectangular Game Changer

The rectangular ACON Air 16 Sport HD is an actual game-changer. It is designed especially for advanced bouncers looking to level up their tricks and demand the best bounce. The top-of-the-range ACON Air 16 Sport HD provides unparalleled bounce, safety, and longevity in tough use. Due to the rectangular shape, you can bounce equally high no matter where you jump on the trampoline mat. The big difference between a rectangular and a round trampoline is the spring location. On the rectangular trampoline, the springs work separately, depending on where you are bouncing off. The rectangular ACON Air 16 Sport HD makes no compromises with safety, durability, or rigidity and ensures that no momentum is lost.

The Round Backyard Staples

ACON's round trampolines are an excellent choice for everybody and can be considered a backyard staple for any thrill-seeker. They provide a great bounce with top of the market durability; the highest bounces are achieved with around trampoline since all the springs work simultaneously at every bounce.The round shape also tends to draw jumpers back to the center, which is also a great safety feature, especially for younger children.

Trampoline package Acon 4,6m

Trampoline Package
ACON Air 4,6m
with Acon Air Enclosure

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Trampoline package Acon 4,6m    

Trampoline Package
ACON Air 4,6m
with Acon Enclosure

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Does the safety net matter?

The safety enclosures are vital in creating the safest environment for tricking or bouncing on a trampoline. All large ACON round trampolines have two different enclosure nets available; both are equally safe but allow you to customize your trampoline to your taste.

Acon premium trampoline enclosureThe Acon Enclosure represents the more classic design familiar to most at first glance. It fastens to the outer edge of the trampoline, maximizing a sense of space.
Acon Standard trampoline enclosureThe ACON Air Enclosure represents the more modern look; The net hangs from the turdy frame and attaches directly to v-links on the mat. The Air enclosure may provide a slightly sturdier look, but both are equally safe thanks to our high-quality safety pads, so it’s really up top reference.

Warranties up to

10 years 5 years 2 years 1 year

Increase the thrill

In addition to the trampolines, ACON offers multiple accessories for you to customize your trampoline to fit your lifestyle and liking. Whether you are hoping to have an absolute neighborhood hit on your backyard, we got what you need. Bounceboards, tents, safety enclosures and more help you get the most out of your trampoline!

ACON trampoline accessories

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"Do yourself a favor. Indulge in the best trampoline experience you, your kids, and all the neighbor kids will ever experience. Avoid the disappointment in seeing yet another trampoline disintegrate in the winter, or know you'll have to buy a new tramp when your cheap one starts failing you (and it will). You deserve this. Your peace of mind deserve this. Enjoy the experience of a truly high-end, high service, high quality product, that delivers the value far beyond the price differential. ACON is what a company who takes their products and their customers seriously should be. They deserve your business. Cheers!!"

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