The thrill of making dreams come true

Fulfilling dreams and seeking thrills anywhere we go

We have always had the goal of taking trampolining to the next level – something we’ve worked long and hard towards. Now, we’re glad to say that we finally have had the chance to make our longtime dream come true and break a world record in the process. The record-breaking stunt consisted of hauling our ACON Air 16 Sport HD trampoline to a height of 1580m with a hot air balloon to complete the world’s highest trampoline jump.

ACON Dreams


We are all Thrill Seekers

Seeking thrills does not necessarily mean making spectacular tricks on a trampoline, which is hauled up above the clouds but we experience Thrill Seeking moments continuously in our everyday lives. The thrill when your child takes their first steps, the thrill when you make your first hockey goal or the thrill when your friend succeeds in making a astonishing trick on a trampoline!

The Hot Air Balloon stunt

Acon fulfilled a life-long dream on defying gravity and taking people up and over the clouds. At the world record height, a specially trained unit of professional skydivers climbed down to the trampoline which was placed under the basket of the hot air balloon. They performed front- and backflips before bouncing off the trampoline into a freefall. ACON wants to inspire people to challenge their imagination and seek thrills everywhere!

ACON Dreams

The stunt crew

ACON helicopter

ACON hot air balloon

Everything is ready for the world record jump

ACON Dreams

Watch the amazing World Record Jump!

World Record Quality: ACON Air 16 Sport HD

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