The Acon airtrack family

ACON airtracks are great for tricking, parkour, cheerleading, gymanstic, jumping, flips, yoga and children’s activity courses, they can also be used for water activities. For indoor and outdoor use. REACH -cerfificated.

Acon Airtrack 12m  

NEW: AIRTRACK 12m x 2m x 20cm

Acon Airtrack 8m  

NEW: AIRTRACK 8m x 2m x 20cm

Acon Airtrack 6x6m

NEW: AIRTRACK 6m x 6m x 20cm

Acon Airtrack 4x4m

NEW: AIRTRACK 4m x 4m x 20cm

Acon Airtrack 4m

NEW: AIRTRACK 4m x 2m x 20cm

Acon Airtrack 3m

3m x 1m x 10cm

Acon Airbeam 3m

3m x 30cm x 10cm

Acon Airblock

100cm x 60cm x 20cm

Acon Airspot

⌀100cm x 10cm

Acon Airroll 90

120cm x ⌀90cm

Acon Airroll 60

120 cm x ⌀60cm

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