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About us

ACON offers a wide range of innovative, high quality products that aim to get people outside, playing games. As much as our success is thanks to our high-quality products, our professional staff is what makes everything possible. They’re familiar with the sporting goods industry and have for long dedicated their work to provide excellent customer service experiences.

ACON Finland took its first steps in 1996 as a trampoline importer. Over the years, ACON Finland has shaped itself into a high-quality manufacturing company with an emphasis on designing products that keep people outside, being active and playing games. ACON's current line includes over 500 different activity-related products, such as trampolines, off-ice hockey training products, pedal cars, various game tables, basketball hoops and wooden swing sets. All of these have been chosen with the intention of encouraging kids and adults alike to go outside and have fun with friends. While ACON Finland designs and manufactures a majority of its products, it also acts as an official importer for quality labels such as Berg pedal cars and Cornilleau ping pong tables. 

ACON Finland distributes its products through a couple of successful brick and mortal stores in Finland and a number of high-quality sporting goods stores in the Nordics, Baltics and certain parts of Europe, such as the UK. In addition, webstores are available in Finland (www.acon.fi), Sweden (www.acon24.se), Europe (www.acon24.com) and in the USA (www.us.acon24.com)

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